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QR Codes in the Classroom

No description

Kimberly Turley

on 15 August 2012

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Transcript of QR Codes in the Classroom

QR Codes in the Classroom Ways to use QR Codes Hands-on Activities Classroom Organization School-wide School t-shirt and announcements Club and activity announcements Book reviews in the media center Class syllabus Homework assignments Scavenger Hunt Exploration of an Object Unfamiliar terminology or links to tutorial videos Bell Work http://www.classtools.net/QR/index.php Skeleton in anatomy class Periodic table What You Need A QR Code Generator Website Delivr Kaywa A QR Code Reader Smart Phone Computer with a webcam Something to Share Website Video Text Image For the more adventurous QRHacker.com QRStuff.com Codes on a bookmark or on a handout Virtual Tour of the school or classroom Displays in the Hallway Can also contain questions about the text! Tutorials for math problems Powered by Edmodo
Join code: ksr3rq Kim Turley OCPS "Let's harness the elephant in the room instead of pretending he isn't there. Cell phones and mp3 players provide us valuable links to the pockets and minds of the students we teach and QR codes are a great tool to leverage that connection."
~Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher)
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