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Teacher Work Sample

This is a presentation of the Unit I taught during my student teaching semester

Kirby Gilliam

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Teacher Work Sample

Unit Objectives and curriculum
Action Research
Contextual Factors
Interactive Learning.
Does it help grades?
Mission Statement

To teach students how to understand, learn, and appreciate a love of music that can last not only for their academic career, but also carry on for a lifetime of opportunities. To show students the importance of music in all subjects of life.
New Castle Middle school has 589 students enrolled in a “Small Town” status for location.
38% of students are on free lunch.
93% of the students are white, English speaking students.
Out of 589 students, 93% are white, 4% are multi-racial, 1% is Hispanic, and 1% is african american
65% of students passed I-Step in 2008-2009. This is 6% fewer than the national average of 71%
I think that students will improve test scores if they are in charge of their learning. I hope that this will make students more energetic about being in a class many of them were required to take. I also hope that the interactive teaching will provide students opportunities to be leaders, and I hope that exams scores will be higher because they will have a better understanding of the subject.
Fun Times
Philosophy of Education

Dialogue and creativity are the missing pieces

Unique approachs and a variety of teaching styles

A healthy learning environment

Student/Teacher Respect and Rapor
Self Reflection

What I thought
Learning Goals
1. Students will learn all of the instrument families: brass, woodwinds, percussion, and strings

2. Students will learn simple techniques of each instrument family and will be given the opportunity to play instruments from each family. Students will also be able to explain what makes instruments have sound. Finally, students will take prior knowledge of theory in order to write rhythms for un-pitched percussion instruments.

3. Students will learn the history and cultural purposes behind different instruments from each family

4. After learning about the instrument families, how sounds are made, and the purpose of instruments in different cultures students will work in teams to use their knowledge of instruments to make their own instruments to play for their peerstudents will learn all of the instrument families: brass, woodwinds, percussion, and strings

These address MENC National Standards 2,4,6-9
Post Assessment LG's 1,2,3.

Post Assessment Assignment: Pencil and Paper test consisting of 91 points.

Class Average: 83%
9 A's
3 B's
5 C's
0 D's
1 F

Student # 2

Student # 15
Post Assessment for LG4

Explanation of Instrument

Almost all students scored 60/60
What I did

Technology Activities
Hands On Learning
Student Lead Projects
What I did

Use of Elmo and Dry Erase Boards
Beginning body percussion activites
Action Research
Better Luck Next Time
The End
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