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Their Eyes Were Watching God

No description

Landon Calderwood

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Their Eyes Were Watching God

The Townspeople Gossip about Janie
"The old woman's voice was so lacking in command and reproof, so full of crumbling dissolution, that Janie half believed that Nanny had not seen her. So she extended herself outside of her dream and went inside of the house. That was the end of her childhood." (12)
Logan Killicks
" Janie!" Logan called harshly. " come help me move dis manure pile befo' due sun gifts hot. You don't take a bit of interest in dis place. 'Taint no use in foolin round in dat kitchen all day long." (31)
Jody gets Sick
"Jody must have noticed it too. Maybe, he had seen it long before Janie did, and had been fearing for her to see. Because he began to talk about her age all the time, as if he didn't want her to stay young while he grew old. It was always "You oughta throw somethin' over yo' shoulders befo' you go outside. You ain't no young pullet no mo'. You'se uh ole hen now." (77)
Janie works in the fields with Tea Cake
"Now, naw, Janie. Ah know better'n dat. But since you got dat in yo' head, Ah'll have tuh tell yuh de real truth, so yuh can know. Janie, Ah gits lonesome out dere all day 'thout yuh. After dis, you betta come git uh job uh work out dere lak de rest uh de women—so Ah won't be losin' time comin' home." (133)
Mrs. Turner
"Ah done sent fuh mah brother tuh come down and spend uh while wid us. He's sorter outa work now. Ah wants yuh tuh meet him mo' special. You and him would make up uh swell couple if you wuzn't already married. He's uh fine carpenter, when he kin git anything tuh do." (142-143)
Their Eyes Were Watching God
The Attitudes of Others

Janie was still waiting for love to come after her marriage

Logan was done waiting for her

Janie later felt afraid and ran off with Jody
Tea Cake was coming back home because he missed Janie

Janie began working in the field with Tea Cake so he didn't feel lonely

Janie left Logan not only because she couldn't find love, but also because he was going to make her work with him
Nanny made Janie marry Logan Killicks
Janie did not want to marry Logan

Nanny wanted Janie to have a good life and have a husband that could support her.

Janie began to think that love would come after marriage
"What she doin coming back here in dem overhalls? Can't she find no dress to put on? Where's dat blue satin dress she left here in? Where all dat money her husband took and died and left her?—What dat ole forty year ole 'oman doin' wid her hair swingin' down her back lak some young gal?—Where she left dat young lad of a boy she went off here wid?—Thought she was going to marry?—Where he left her ?—What he done wid all her
money?—Betcha he off wid some gal so young she ain't even got no hairs—why she don't stay in her class?—"
When Tea Cake gets Rabies
"...So when he went out to the outhouse she rushed to see if the pistol was loaded. It was a six shooter and three of the chambers were full. She started to unload it but she feared he might break it and find out she knew. That might urge his disordered mind to action. If that medicine would only come! She whirled the cylinder so that if he even did draw the gun on her it would snap three times before it would fire. She would at least have warning. She could either run or try to take it away before it was too late." (182)
Tea Cake begins to accuse Janie of cheating

Janie gets worried when she finds the pistol under Tea Cakes pillow

Janie is forced to shoot Tea Cake because of his actions

This later put Janie on trial, but she was ruled innocent
Janie knows that the people are gossiping about her, but she chooses not to pay any attention
Jody notices that Janie sees him struggling and insults her

He makes her feel bad and always wants to make her feel bad

Janie tells Jody what she thinks of him
Mrs. Turner wanted Janie to marry her light skinned brother

Tea Cake tells her to stay away from Mrs. Turner, but she keeps coming back

Tea Cake beats Janie to show that she is his
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