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Introduction to Cells By the 5th Grade Teachers

No description

McDougle Elementary

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Cells By the 5th Grade Teachers

Introduction to Cells

Building Blocks of Life
Everything that is alive is made of CELLS. But what are they? How do they help us? Read to find out.
The Cell Theory
All living things contain at least one cell.
Cells are the basic units of structure and function of life processes
Cells come from other cells of the same kind.
Multicellular vs Unicellular
Multicellular organisms are living things that are made of more than one cell.
Unicellular organisms are living things made of only ONE cell.
Important Parts
Plant vs. Animal Cells
Animals cells and plant cells are the same EXCEPT:
Plant cells have a cell wall
Plant cells have chloroplasts
Plant cells can make their own food
Plant cells store more water in their vacuoles.
Cell Jobs
Absorption: take in food, oxygen, and water
Excretion: move waste out of the cell (think poop)
Digestion: breakdown food
Reproduction: Make another cell
Response: React to changes in their environment.
: controls transport of materials in and out of cell.
: Tells the cell how to grow and it's job
: jelly like substance that holds the cell together
: Storage bubbles for food
Cell wall
: outer covering that provides protection.
: place where plant cells make food.
By: The 5th Grade Teachers
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