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Summary Of Orpheus The Musician

No description

Aryan Chaudhary

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Summary Of Orpheus The Musician

It is said that Orpheus could make such heavenly songs that when he sat down to sing, the trees would crowd around to shade him. People in nearby civilizations adored him as well as his music.
Orpheus' Love
Orpheus looked at the nymph Eurydice with love. His love for her inspired him, and allowed him to eventually hold a wedding.
The Death Of Eurydice
Orpheus' Loss
As Orpheus continued on his journey up to the the Overworld Eurydice followed. Orpheus wasn't able to hear any footsteps behind him. He started to wonder if he should look back in case Eurydice wasn't following. After all he didn't want to leave without her. Orpheus turned back and Eurydice disappeared into the Underworld forever.
The Death of Orpheus
Orpheus grieved for several days. The villagers listened to his sad songs but eventually got sick of the sad music and threw Orpheus into a river. Orpheus may have drowned...but at last he was happy in the Underworld with his wife.
Journey to the Underworld
Full of grief, Orpheus journeyed to the underworld to find Eurydice's spirit. He plays his way to the palace of Hades and Hades agrees to allow Eurydice to follow Orpheus but Orpheus can only look back when he reaches the surface.
Summary Of Orpheus The Musician
Orpheus' Music
As the marriage was about to start Eurydice quickly hurried down with her maidens to gather flowers for a bridal garland, she was bitten in the foot by a snake, and ultimately, died. Orpheus mourned for days at the loss of his love, Eurydice.
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