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Mathematics Used in Cosmetology

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jadeyn votta

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Mathematics Used in Cosmetology

Mathematics Used in Cosmetology

Jadeyn Votta

Budgeting Continued...
Math is applied when cosmetologists budget their time
Supply & Demand
Using data and plotting it on a graph, it is easy to determine what types of services are most popular. Also, the use of estimation can predict the number of people most likely to want different treatments or beauty products. Based on the previous months results, supply & demand can be used to increase the probability of making the most profit possible.
Organizing & Rationalizing
Rationalizing: If the shampoo for example runs out fast you have to rationalize whats left in order to last the rest of the month.
Cutting Hair
Uses Geometry
Angles-> Used when cutting & styling hair in particular cutting layers
Example- Cutting a bob requires cutting hair at a constant angle so its symmetrical on both sides
1. Division is used when sectioning the hair
2. Patterns are used because each row has to be perpendicular to the central part
3. Braiding must be evenly spaced and parallel to one another
4. Braids can mirror different shapes & designs such as spirals or honeycombs
Braiding Hair

Math is used when a salon budgets how much supplies are affordable
Example- If a salon accumulates $2500 every month and deductions such as a $50 dollar phone bill, $150 electric, $125 for water and $1000 in wages then $625 dollars is left to spend on products and other supplies
Example: A cosmetologist must calculate if they have enough time for both clients
Organizing: A shipment of lipsticks come in and they are combined together based on different shades of lipsticks together or all the same brand of lipsticks in one container.
Shapes-> Analyzing face shapes such as an oval or a square in order to pick a style that best compliment the client
Reflections-> Reflections are used so that both sides of hair mirror one another in length & style
What do you think is the average amount women spend on hair/beauty products every year?
What is the percentage of women who have dyed their hair?

A. $920
B. $345
C. $780
D. $550
The Answer
Math Used When
Dying Hair
Ratios-> Used when measuring color
Example- 2:3 is equivalent to 2 parts color and 3 parts developer being added
Conversion-> Changing back and forth between different metric units such as mL to L

Fractions-> Used when making a specific formula for a certain color combination
Example- mixing 1/4 oz. of blonde with 1/2 oz. of a brown color

A. 48%
B. 75%
C. 23%
D. 59%
And The
Answer Is...
Makeup Application Uses Math!
Although many people are unaware, mathematics is actually used every time foundation, eyeshadow, or even brow products are applied
Symmetry-> Is important to understand when applying makeup in order to have both sides of the face even Examples: applying eyeliner, blush, or eyebrows
Angles-> Used when drawing on eyebrows to create the arch of the brow
Shapes-> There are different eye shapes such as almond that are taken into consideration before applying eye makeup. Also, the shape of the face such as heart all have specific techniques where to apply blush for example to best compliment their facial structures
Golden Ratio
Example-> Golden Ratio focal points are attempted to be reached by slimming the face using bronzer for example or by the use of different eyeliner thickness to make eyes appear larger, smaller, or closer together
Physical Attraction deals with the features of a face falling within the 1.618 ratio. Through the use of different visual effects using makeup, the golden ratio is attempted to be achieved
Different Areas Where Math is Used...
Adding a client's final bill
Calculating what the sale price is from the regular price
Figuring out sales tax
Calculating wages based on commission/hourly pay
Determining how much to tip
Giving change back
Hairstyles Involve the Use of Shapes & Patterns!
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