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The Outsiders and the Breakfast Club

No description

Hannah Cook

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of The Outsiders and the Breakfast Club

The Outsiders and Breakfast Club Hannah Cook
Gold 1
10.4.12 Themes Increased Decision making Outsiders: In the movie the "Outsiders" shows increased decision making throughout the entire movie. A prime example of this is when the group of The Socs chase and beat up Johnny and attempt to drown Ponyboy in a fountain. However, Johnny stabs one Soc and kills him, saving Ponyboy. Johnny has a increased decision to make at that moment. Whether to kill the Soc and risk being in trouble to save his friend, or to let Ponyboy fight his own way out.
The Breakfast Club: In the movie the "Breakfast club" and increased decision making moment is when they decide to cover up for Bender. When bender decides that he is going to break through the ceiling. The other teenagers in detention have to make a quick decision even though they don't like Bender to cover up for him and hid him under the desk so he doesn't get caught. Themes Search for self The breakfast Club: A prime example of search for self in the breakfast club is when Andrew doesn't really know who he is. His parents want him to be the tough wrestle. Thats why he was in detention because he bullied a kid to show that he is tough. He doesnt know if he wants to be that kind of person or not to be. Challenges Drug Use The Outsiders: Drug use is a common occurrence in the the movie the "Outsiders". All of the teenagers smoke cigarettes. Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade are always smoking throughout the entire movie. After they save the children from the fire, already being overwhelmed with smoke from the fire they still light up a cigarettes.
The Breakfast Club: In the movie the "Breakfast Club" the rebel teenager Bender has Marijuana in his locker. When the teenagers decide to leave the library and wonder the hallways bender comes across his locker in which case he opens and inside is a small brown paper bag that contains Marijuana. They all proceed back to the library where they all smoke. Andrew Clark hotboxes the foreign language room. Several of the teenagers this is their first time using drugs. Challenges Suicide The Outsiders- In the movie the "Outsiders" while Johnny was in the hospital he tells pony boy that he thought about committing suicide. He said that he was unhappy with his life and he felt like nobody wanted him around.
The Breakfast Club- In the movie the "Breakfast club" has a prime example of suicide. Brian Johnson was the smart kid in the whole bunch of teenagers that were in detention that morning. At the end of the movie he admitted to his friends that he thought about commiting suicide becuase he was failing shop class. He couldnt handle that the highest he could get his grade was up to a B and that was going to ruin his whole GPA he thought life wasnt worth it anymore. In the movie the "Breakfast Club" i relate moslty to Claire Standish. Shes a Cheerleader in her high school i am a cheerleader in my high school. She is very stuck with her friends and doesn't particularity leave them. I am the same way i have a set group of that i hangout with and i don't hangout with may other people. Shes very quite and keeps to herself at the beginning of the movie, but once the other people get to know her she opens up. I am the same way it takes me awhile before i can open up to someone. Who am i like? Who am i like? In the movie the "Outsiders" i am most like Johnny Cade. I am most like Johnny because i would do anything for my friends just like he would. The way that he saved pony boy while he was being harassed i would do the same things for my best friend. They way that Johnny risked his own life to save the kids from the burning building i would do the same thing. I would want to help in any and every way that i could. He wants to make sure that everybody is happy and i do that everyday in my life. The outsiders: A good example of seach for self in the breakfast club is when the rich popular kid drives up to the gas station and ponyboy and johnny were there and the popular kid asked to talk to ponyboy because he was the only person that he could talk to about what he needed to he couldnt talk to his real friendfs. He doesnt know who he is. He doesnt know if he is in the right place with the right friends.
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