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The Villainization of African Americans Through Zombificatio

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Jazmine Wells

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Villainization of African Americans Through Zombificatio

The Villainizing of African American Males Through Zombification in Eldridge Cleaver’s Soul on Ice

Define the objective
The Embrace of Villainization
"It is in this connection that the blacks, personify the Body and thereby in closer communion with their biological roots than other Americans, the saving link between man's biology and man's machines" (234).
"The less sophisticated (but no less Body-based) popular music of urban Negroes--which was known as Rhythm and Blues before the whites appropriated and distilled it into the product they called Rock' n Roll--is the basic, ingredient, the core, of the gaudy, cacophonous hymns with which the Beatles of Liverpool drive their hordes of Ultrafeminine fans into catatonia and hysteria" (235).
Passage of Darkness: The Ethnobiolgoy of the Haitian Zombie

Two types of zombies.
Zombification as a social process.

Clairvius Narcisse
In spring of 1962 Narcisse admitted himself into the hospital due to fever, body aches, general malaise, and the spitting of blood.
On May 2, 1962 Narcisse was pronounced dead.
On May 3, 1962 he was buried in a cemetery north of his village.
In 1980 Narcisse approached his sister in the market place of his former village.
He claimed to have been made a zombie by his brother because of a land dispute.

The Emergence of the Villain
The mental slavery African Americans were subjected to transformed them into society's villains.
The Permanence of Zombies
What is a Zombie?
Explain your expectations
Explain new strategies
Summarize your recommendation
It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man's law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women--and this point I believe, was the most satisfying to me..." (33).
"The products of his mind, unless they are very closely associated with his social function of Brute Power, are resented and held in contempt by society as a whole. The further away from Brute Power his mental productions stand, the more emphatically will they be rejected and scorned by society, and treated as upstart invasions of the realm of the Omnipotent Administrator" (216).
"What the black man in America must keep constantly in mind is that the doctrine of white supremacy, which is a part of the ideology of the world system the power structure is trying to preserve, lets the black men in for the greatest portion of the suffering and hate which white supremacy has dished out to the non-white people of the world for hundreds of years" (148).
"Slavery was not born of racism; rather, racism was the consequence of slavery" (The Origin of Negro Slavery).
Phenomenology of Spirit
"Self-Consciousness exists in and for itself when, and by the fact that it so exists for another; that is, it exists only in being acknowledged" (111).
"One is the independent consciousness whose essential nature is to be for itself, the other is the dependent consciousness whose essential natures is simply to live or to be for another" (115).
"In fear, the being-for-self is present in the bondsman himself; in fashioning the thing he becomes aware that being-for-self belongs to him, that he himself exists essentially and actually in his own right" (118).
There are similarities, in terms of bondage, between zombies and slaves.
Both zombies and slaves are deprived of their brain and forced to use their body.
Zombies and slaves can both be freed if they destroy their master.

The Living Dead Zombie
This type of zombie is raised "in a comatose trance from their graves by malevolent sorcerers, led away under cover of the night to distant farms or villages where they must toil indefinitely as slaves" (60).
Social Significance of Zombification
Zombification is usually the result of a punishment.
The authority to create a zombie "may not rest with an individual bokor, but with the secret society of which he is a member" (215).
To create a zombie the bokor captures the victim's ti bon ange, which is the component of the Vodoun soul that controls personality, character, and will power (213).
Popular Culture's Zombie
Jagendorf, Bob. A Participant of a Zombie walk. 3 October, 2009. Wikimedia Commons.Web.
The Haitian Zombie
Clarivius Narcisse. 17 May, 2011. Tumblir.com. Web.
"The white man turned himself into the Omnipotent Administrator and established himself in the Front Office. And he turned the black man into the Supermasculine Menial and kicked him out into the fields. The white man wants to be the brain and he wants us to be the muscle, the body." (191).
"By turning her black troops into butchers of the Vietnamese people, America is spreading hate against the black race throughout Asia. Even black Africans find it hard not to hate black Americans for being so stupid as to allow themselves to be used to slaughter other people who are fighting to be free. Black Americans are considered to be the world's biggest fools to go to another country to fight for something they don't have for themselves" (153).
"But it was very real to me and as urgent as the need to breathe, because I was in my bull stage and lack of access to females was absolutely a form of torture" (25).
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
This zombification is completed when a bokor gives the victim subtle poison.
Zombies only return to the world of the living when the part of the human soul which has been taken is returned or if the master dies.
Frequently through out Cleaver's Soul on Ice he expresses tensions of racism and inequality due to the designation of the African American male as the "supermasculine" and the White male as the "omnipotent administrator."
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