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Philosophy of Jose Rizal

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tassha eullaran

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Philosophy of Jose Rizal

Philosophy of Jose Rizal
Factors that influenced Rizal's Philosophy
Social Philosophy
Spanish Brutality
Having been a victim of Spanish brutality, Rizal had already formed the nucleus of an unfavorable opinion of imperialistic administration of his country and people.
Social Evils
Social evils like inferiority complex, cowardice, timidity and false pride pervaded nationality and contributed to the decay of social life.
Eliminate Social Ills
This stimulated and shaped Rizal’s life philosophy – to be able to contain/eliminate these social ills by every means.
With every problem, there’s a distinct solution.* (SOCIAL KNOWLEDGE)
Man in society; influential factors in human life; racial problems; social justice; social ideal; poverty and wealth; reforms; youth and greatness; history and progress; and future of Philippines
Those things dealt with man’s evolution and his environment, explaining for the most part of the human behavior and capacities like his will to live; his desire to possess happiness; the change of his mentality
the role of virtuous women in the guidance of great men; the need for elevating and inspiring mission; the duties and dictates of man’s conscience
man’s need of practicing gratitude; the necessity for consulting reliable people; his need for experience; his ability to deny; the importance of deliberation; the voluntary offer of man’s abilities and possibilities
the ability to think, aspire and strive to rise; and the proper use of heart, brain and spirit-all of these combining to enhance the intricacies, beauty and values of human nature
What is Philosophy?
: pursuit of wisdom; doctrine; gospel; ideology
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