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Ms. Griffin

No description

Joy Griffin

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Ms. Griffin

This is what we will do at the beginning of every class. It will only take a few short minutes, so come in, sit down, and get to work!
Tuesday 11-18-14
Take out your Grammar HW
Review Vocabulary Words

HW: Vocabulary Section C, D, and E
Ms. Griffin
6th & 7th Grade English
On your own piece of notebook paper, describe yourself in ONE word.
Next, write 2-3 sentences explaining why you picked that word out of ALL the words you know.
After you are finished with that, draw a picture of what you think the word means.
I believe that this word fits my personality the best because when I love something everyone around me knows about it. I am very passionate about learning something new everyday, traveling around the world, and helping students love literature and writing.
6th Grade
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