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Annotations on The Glass Castle (pg.276)

By: Sarah Deo PRE-IB ELA 10

sarah deo

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Annotations on The Glass Castle (pg.276)

Annotations for The Glass Castle (pg.276) "Lori blamed dad for creating a sick environment, while dad maintained that Maureen had faulty wiring. Mom claimed that in all that junk food Maureen ate had led to a chemical imbalance, and Brian started yelling at all of them to shut the hell up or he'd arrest them. I just stood there looking from one distorted face to another, listening to this babble of enraged squabbling as members of the Walls family gave vent to all their years of hurt and anger, as each unloading his or her own accumulated grievances and blaming the others for allowing the most fragile one of us to break into pieces. The judge sent Maureen to an upstate hospital. She was released after a year and immediately bought a one-way bus ticket to California. I told Brian that we had to stop her. She didn't know a single person in California. How would she survive? But Brian thought is was the smartest thing she could do for herself. He said she needed to get as far away from Mom and Dad, and probably the rest of us, as possible. I decided Brian was right. But I also hoped that Maureen had chosen California because she thought it was her true home, the place where she really belonged, where it was always warm and you could dance in the rain, pick grapes off the vines, and sleep outside at night under the stars. Maureen did not want any of us to see her off. I rose just after first light in the morning she was scheduled to leave. it was an departure, and i wanted thinking about her at the moment her bus pulled out, so I could say farewell in my mind. i went to the window and looked out at the cold, wet sky. I wondered if sh was thinking of us and if she was going to miss us. I'd always had mixed feelings about bringing her to New York, but I'd agree to let her come. Once she arrived, I'd been too busy taking care of myself to look after her. ' I'm sorry Maureen,' i said when the time came, ' sorry for everything.'" I think this line is stating that the mom and dad never had real faith in their daughter Maureen. The Walls family is finally unleashing all their hidden pain and anger. Jeanette never really was one to speak their mind, she usually bottled up all her feelings. I find this line funny because its defiantly implied towards Maureen yet the book doesn't really touch any deeper than her physical traits. Maureen obviously wants to be anywhere else but with her family right now. I think this is because; as Maureen was growing up as a child, she was never really around she was always at the neighbors, basically living over there. I feel Maureen was the only one that actually knew the deeper problems the Walls family was going through at the time and she didn't want to be apart of it. Do Maureen's siblings and parents think that she wasn't strong enough to fend for herself because she never spent as much time listening to her parents morals than Lori, Brian and Jeanette did? I feel Brian is right and Maureen is better off on her self, she was always very independent. I think if she came back home with her family she would feel smothered and end up making matters worse between them. Jeanette wants Maureen to stick to her true self in hopes that when she moves to California no one and nothing can change her. This line shows that Jeanette is genuinely caring for Maureen. The word choice here sets the mood, as a gloomy day. Saying that Jeanette is going to miss Maureen greatly but she also thinks that this can be a new beginning for Maureen. Overall, I've come to a realization that since Maureen kinda grew up more so with her neighbors and friends, rather than her family, I came up with the assumption that, that's why Maureen ended up in jail and wasn't a successful as the other Walls siblings. Because she was never there to hear and comprehend the morals and lessons the parents had taught them on how to survive in the "real" world on their own.
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