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Fun With Fractions:

No description

Kate Sveinson

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Fun With Fractions:

Grade 3 Curriculum
Fun With Fractions:

Grade Three Math Party!

Specific Outcomes
Develop number sense
as part of the Numbers
General Outcome
Specific Outcome #1.13:
- Explaining that a fraction represets a part of a whole
- Describing situations in which fractions are used
- Comparing fractions of the same whole that have like denominators
1. Communication
2. Connection
3. Mental Mathematics
and estimation
4. Reasoning
5. Visualization
Universal Design for Learning
"The goal of an inclusive system is to provide all students with the most appropriate learning environment and opportunities for them to best achieve their potential" (Alberta Education, n.d.)

"UDL provides a framework that helps teachers differentiate their instruction through carefully articulated goals, and individualized materials, methods, and assessments" (Rose & Meyer, 2002)

"Differentiation is a 'shaking up' of what goes on in the classroom so students have multiple opportunities for taking in information and making sense of ideas and expressing what they learn" (Alberta Education, 2012)

* Subject

* Grade

* Practicalities
Tech Station

Students should be able to sucessfully demonstrate their understanding in the following five ways:

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