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Prezi: The race


John Håvard Aarvåg

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Prezi: The race

The Race. Robert Falcon Scott Roald Amundsen The south pole This is a map that
shows us Roald and
Scott`s route to the
south pole. The first successful expedition to the geographic south pole. Roald Amundsen 1872-1928. Explorer. Fridtjof Nansen. South Pole. What made Amundsen So superior in this race? His methods. His experiences. His carefully planned plan. Borge. His equipment. The trip 19 October. 14 December. 1800 miles. All five returned. 11 out of 52 dogs. 99 days. Robert F. Scott 1868-1912. Plymouth. Royal navy officer
and explorer. South Pole. Robert F. Scott´s
failure. Less experience. Less prepared. Impractical methods. -Ponies, Motor sleds. The Trip. 1. November 1911 None of the crew returned. 30. March 1912
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