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Sprinter V. Marathon Runner

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Daniel Armstrong

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Sprinter V. Marathon Runner

Sprinter V. Marathon Runner
It is important what a runner eats before, and after their race.
Before a marathon runner runs, he consumes something like a protein shake and a good mix of carbohydrates to keep him going throughout the race. After the race, a runner will likely have some sort of protein shake to help muscle recovery since they ran for so long. A sprinter will eat large amounts of carbs before their sprint with a smaller mix of protein. It's necessary for a sprinter to have the fuel to sprint his distance.
Sprinters Respiration
Sprinters must use anaerobic respiration during their race. Anaerobic respiration is basically producing energy without oxygen. This is why you will see sprinters hold their breath during a race. Anaerobic respiration produces less energy than aerobic but when coupled with adrenaline it creates a powerful burst of energy. Anaerobic respiration can only be used for a short amount of time due to lactic acid build up. This is why a sprinter's muscles may ache after a race. This is why it is important to stretch after a race.
Marathon runners respiration
Aerobic respiration is using oxygen to create energy. Marathon runners use aerobic respiration because it produces more energy if they were to use anaerobic respiration they would be tired out before they can finish the race. This is why it is important for marathon runners to breathe while their running
Sprinters and marathon runners have their own distinct similarities and differences. It all starts with their training. We'll start with marathon runners. To train for a marathon, runners must focus on endurance. This is the reason marathon runners don't have very large bodies. When a runner runs for a long period of time, they burn calories, burning fat and eventually muscle. This is why they have smaller bodies, and also why runners must eat during a run.
Sprinters train very differently. During a sprint, a sprinter relies on a quick burst of energy to run the short distance they need to run. Because of this, sprinters focus on building strong leg muscles by doing routine exercises such as dead-lifts, squats lunges, etc.
These different athletes train different muscle fibers.
Sprinters train fast twitch fibers while marathon runners train their slow twitch fibers.
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