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African, Australian, and European Folktales.

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Selena Erwood

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of African, Australian, and European Folktales.

African, Australian, and European Folktales.
by: Selena Erwood, Hannah Bonner, Camrin Deskins, and Olivia Callahan

The Story of Lighting and Thunder
This african folktale is about a mother sheep (thunder) and her son, a ram (lightning). When the mother sheep's son gets angry he destroys everything in his path, much like lightning does.The king was tired of the rams angry destroying spree, so he sent the ram and his mother away temporarily. but the ram got mad and destroyed all of the kings forest. The king banished them forever after what he had done. Ever since, when the ram is angry he still destroys, but you can hear his mother scolding him to stop. Sometimes when the ram is angry his mother isn't there to scold him. So he does damage but the mother cannot be heard.
How The Kangaroo Got Her Pouch
This Australian folktale is about a kangaroo that comes across an old, blind wombat and saves him from a hunter. The wombat is actually the great god Byame, who grants the kangaroo with a pouch to put her joey in.
The Two Brothers and The White Bearded Old Man
This European folktale is about two brothers deciding to venture town to town to seek happiness. They came along an old man with a white beard and said he wanted to help them. The greedy oldest brother gets a handful of coins and gems, but the youngest, because he wasn't greedy got a huge bag full of coins and gems
Culture of The African Folktale

The storyteller is known as a "Griot". It's a mixture of cultures. Stories are told either after dinner or before bedtime by and elder.
Culture of Australian Folktale
Aboriginal heritage- mixture of vibrant colors. The storyteller was born into his/her role. Stories are passed onto the children by women. "dreaming tracks" is a form of storytelling that informed people of the landscape.
Culture of European Folktale
Storytelling involves song, chant, music and/or poetry. Nine different storytellers. Always refer to diversity of heritage Passed on through travelers.
Genre: Folktale
Plot: King makes sheep and ram live far away from people on Earth. They can still be heard so he banishes them from Earth and makes them live in the sky.
Setting: Olden days, on Earth
Theme: Respect others or there will be consequences.
Internal Conflict: NONE
External Conflict: The King vs. Thunder and Lightning (H VS. H)
Protagonist: Thunder (sheep) and Lightning (ram)
Antagonist: The king
Elements of The African Folktale
Elements of The Australian Folktale
Genre: Folktale
Plot: Kangaroo and her Joey spot an old wombat. They try to save him from a hunter when the hunter was actually chasing them. Doesn’t realize the wombat is a great god.
Setting: The bank of a brook
Theme: Being helpful is rewarding.
Internal Conflict: NONE
External Conflict: The Kangaroo and Joey vs. the Hunter (H VS. N)
Protagonist: Kangaroo
Antagonist: Hunter
Elements of The European Folktale
Genre: Folktale
Plot: Two brothers come across old man with white beard. Older brother gets greedy and take what is offered. Younger brother is helpful and gets riches.
Theme: Good things come to those who wait.
Internal Conflict: NONE
External Conflict: Older vs. Younger brother (H VS. H)
Protagonist: Younger brother
Antagonist: Older brother
The End!
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