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Issue #2: Should the Curriculum Be Standardized for All?

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Luz Vasquez

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Issue #2: Should the Curriculum Be Standardized for All?

Should the Curriculum Be Standardized for All? NO Issue 2 YES Mortimer J. Adler John Holt The Paideia Proposal The basics of schooling:
1. Facilitation of personal development that encourages students to make the most of him/herself.
2. Shapes students into responsible citizens.
3. Prepares students to earn a living. Students learn by discovery. Students who are at any kind of disadvantage will attend "preschooling" for as many years necessary before beginning their formal 12 years of basic schooling. Necessary:
Quality teachers. Children should have the right to decide whether or not to attend school. Freedom of learning = Freedom of thought Parents can encourage child to go to school. Isn't it safer for a child to be in school? Schools are no safer than the harsh outside world. They encourage competition and comparison amongst students
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