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04.06 Coping

No description

Hafsa Nasim

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of 04.06 Coping

04.06 Coping
My main stressor right now is definitely school/my education. Since I'm going to start my last year of high school, I feel even more stressed and pressured to do good and make the right choices. I have college applications, SATs and ACTs, grades and all that to deal with at this time of my life, so school is my number one stressor right now.
Source #1 -- Sayonara to senior-year stress!
Source #2 -- 5 Tips to Manage Stress for Teens During Senior Year [Teen Stress Article]
Applying Info #1
The first article provided a list of questions to get to understand oneself to make the decision making process of senior year easier. I will answer them and hopefully it will provide me with a greater insight about my future and where I stand right now. Furthermore, both of articles provides tip to manage your senior year in the most efficient way possible, I will try to incorporate these suggestions into my routined life to see if it makes a difference.
Applying Info #2
One of the tips that really struck to me was the one about buying a planner to help keep yourself organize throughout the year. I have loads of planners but never seem to use them but now that will change. I think this will be very useful because senior year is all about deadlines and with a planner I won't have to worry about forgetting something.
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