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Cardboard Tube Dueling

Team Alpha

Melissa Alpuche

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Cardboard Tube Dueling

Team Alpha

Melissa Alpuche
Max Bzdyk
Sam Gangemi
Blake Skversky
Corey Solomin Cardboard Tube Dueling History Founded on July 22, 2007 by Ravin Pierre and Robert Easley
Founded in Seattle, Washington and eventually moved to San Francisco where the headquarters is located
First event was held at Gas Works Park in Seattle History Cont. The league was founded on three core beliefs
People need more ways to play and take themselves less seriously
Events can be fun without alcohol
Cardboard sword fighting is fun
By the summer of 2008 word had spread about Cardboard Tube Dueling all the way to Sydney, Australia Rules 1. No attacking the face
2. No stabbing, lunging, swinging of the arms or body slamming
3. You can only block your opponents strike with your tube
4. You gain points by costume and theatrics
5. Tubes are provided by the league Locations Seattle, Washington
San Francisco, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Washington D.C.
Bristol, UK
Sydney, Australia
New York City, New York
Moscow, Russia WEBSITE
Demonstration http://www.tubeduel.com/home/index YouTube Video Prizes 1. Suffusca Mors
2. The History of Heaven's Will
3. The History of the Mad King
4. The History of d'Artagnan's

AND MANY MORE Summary This is not a game about winning or losing.
The CTFL was created for people of all ages to enjoy themselves and to have a little bit of fun.
The CTFL continues to grow and is expected to have tournaments in new countries within the next couple of years. ANY QUESTIONS??
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