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Bilal Khan

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Kleptomania


By: Bushra Shamim
Roll# 01

Thanks For Watching!
And one more thing...
The cause of kleptomania is unknown, although it may have a genetic component and may be transmitted among first-degree relatives. There also seems to be a strong propensity for kleptomania to coexist with obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa, and clinical depression

Other research has found that kleptomania can occur after someone sustains a head injury.
Kleptomania has many symptoms such as:
Repeated theft of objects that are unnecessary for either personal use or monetary value
Powerful urges to steal
Increased tension before theft
Gratification when stealing
Guilt after stealing
The theft isn't committed as a way to exact revenge or to express anger, and isn't done while hallucinating or delusional
• Family history. Having a first-degree blood relative, such as a parent or sibling, with kleptomania or obsessive-compulsive disorder may increase your risk of kleptomania.

• Being female. Approximately two-thirds of people with known kleptomania are women.

• Having another mental illness. People with kleptomania often have other mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, eating disorders, substance abuse or personality disorders.

• Head trauma or brain injuries. People who've experienced a head trauma may develop kleptomania

Risk Factors
Kleptomania is an impulse-control disorder which that can make people feel the unstoppable urge to steal items that they don’t necessarily need or items that little to no value to them. Lots of people take advantage of kleptomania and say that their stealing is because they have kleptomania. Although, 5% of all shoplifters have kleptomania. Kleptomania can cause lots of emotional pain to you and others. Kleptomaniacs are often afraid to seek mental health help and are often girls and adolescene. There is no known cure for kleptomania.
Valerie is a senior in high school and she has many friends such as Brooke, Katelyn and Selena. One day, Valerie and her friends wanted to go to the mall after school. After school Valerie, Brooke, Katelyn and Selena drove to the mall together. When they got there, Brooke, Katelyn and Selena wanted to go to the Forever 21 store, but Valerie wanted to go to Aeropostle.
“I will catch up with you later,” Valerie said.
“Alright,” Selena said, “I’ll call you when we are done looking around in Forever 21.”
Valerie walked to the Aeropostle store and looked at many different clothes. Valerie later this new shirt that she really liked and she wanted to try it on. It fit her perfectly! But then, Valerie’s head started pounding and her hands become really sweaty.
Why does my head hurt so much? Valerie thought to herself. Are there any store clerks around? No. Are there any surveillance cameras? Yes. But they are facing other direction. Yes. This is good.
Valerie then quickly stuffed the shirt into her giant purse. And a wave of relief and guilt washed over her.
Why do I do this so much? It’s not like I am dying for this stuff. I don’t usually wear it in the end anyways. Oh well. As long as I never get caught, it’s not that big of a deal.
A Day in the Life of a Kleptomaniac
There are many ways to cope with yourself if you have kleptomania. Some ways you can cope with kleptomania are:
Stick to your treatment plan
Educate yourself
Discover what drives you
Get treatment for substance abuse or other mental health problems
Find healthy outlets
Learn relaxation and stress management
Stay focused on your goal
Support for loved ones
There is little evidence concerning prevention. A healthy upbringing, positive intimate relationships, and management of acutely stressful situations may lower the incidence of kleptomania and coexisting disorders.
Famous People With
I think in the future, there is a change that scientists will find a cure for kleptomania. I don't think that the statistics of kleptomania will change drastically since it is already not very common.
Medication depends on your overall situation and other conditions you may have. A combination of medications may benefit kleptomania such as:
Mood stabilizers
Anti-seizure medications
Addiction medications
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Covert sensitization
Aversion Therapy
Systematic Desensitization
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Based on the information I have on kleptomania, I think that it happens more in developed communities with lots stores and where the theft rate is very high such as cities like Islamabad, Lahore.
Where is it Most Relevant?
The Confused Theif
Winona Ryder
The Wig Theif
Britney Spears
The Glossy Theif
Megan Fox
Lindsey Lohan
Jennifer Capriati
The Jewelry Theif
Lindsay Lohon
The Ring Thief
Jennifer Capriati
Neourological Base
A small neuromaging study published by Grant in 2006 showed evidence of “compromised white matter microstructure in inferior frontal areas,” suggesting to Grant that the frontal parts of the brain involved in decision making “may not be as healthy.”
Kleptomania may be linked to problems with a naturally occurring brain chemical (neurotransmitter) called serotonin.
Kleptomania also may be related to addictive disorders, and stealing may cause the release of dopamine (another neurotransmitter).
Alcohol and substance abuse
Eating disorders
Compulsive gambling or shopping
Suicidal thoughts or behavior
Social isolation
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