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Java The Hutt

No description

Avery Billings

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Java The Hutt

North Zulch FCCLA STAR Event
Region IV
Kyle Coleman, Avery Billings, and Hayden Ballard Java The Hutt Coffee Shop Identify Concerns We chose the STAR Event that would serve as a learning experience for the three of us. During this experience of owning our own business we faced many concerns. Such as, working with Wells Fargo to get a bank loan and making sure our business had followed all the legal procedures to become a successful business. We also had to learn to stay within our budget, find a wide range of flavors that mesh well and that our customers love, and learn to make a finished project. Set A Goal Our goals include: participating in Entrepreneurship STAR Event, deciding on the types of product we will sell, and becoming a successful business. We also would like to set up a customer relationship management system, set back enough money for emergencies, and become a well-known coffee shop. Our personal goals include owning our own shop and working well together, along with competing at the national level with our STAR Event. Form A Plan (who, what, when, where, how, cost, resources, and evaluation) Avery Billings, Kyle Coleman, and Hayden Ballard are the owners of Java The Hutt Coffee Shop.
We then found many products to make such as: lattes, frappes, hot chocolate, flavored coffees, and iced coffees. Our business provides tasty and affordable refreshments.
currently reside in our Family and Consumer Science building. We have attended various craft shows. As our business grows, we intend on getting our own building.
We plan on coming up with creative flavors for different occasions and holidays at affordable prices.
We borrowed money from our FCCLA budget and after a few weeks we paid it all off and began to gain a profit.
We searched online and in magazines for new and creative ideas for our business.
We sold to students and adults and learned to make a profit from hard work. Act The project chosen was Java The Hutt, an affordable coffee shop with an array of flavors. Research was done; information was compiled by using personal knowledge, merchandising, internet sources, and interviews with bankers and insurance agents, and selling our products to adults, students, community members, and at shows. The information was then compiled into our business portfolio for a presentation to a panel of judges. Follow Up A business portfolio was developed for Java The Hutt. We learned how much work, We
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