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VCS is Green

How Video & Collaboration Services is promoting sustainablity at UF

Patrick Pettus

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of VCS is Green

Video & Collaboration Services:
Helping shrink the carbon footprint of the University of Florida Video Conferencing Video Conferencing allows people in different locations to have a face to face meeting, thus reducing the need for travel. In 2009 UF saved *350,000 kgs of CO2 with video conferencing. That's 385 tons! Media Storage Accounts are provided for storage of audio & video media files. Windows Media (WMV) files stored on a Media Storage Account can be viewed with the Windows Media Player on Windows computers, or using the free Flip4Mac player on Macintoshes iTunes U In 2009 UF used over 18,000 bridge port hours. That's over 70 hours per business day. Web Conferencing Elluminate provides online chat/conversation using text and voice. Video interaction can also be integrated creating a synchronous, interactive "virtual classroom" for lectures, discussions, and collaboration. * based on many, many assumptions Storage &
Distribution Storage Accounts iTunes U allows users to download, view, and manage media content on computers and portable devices with Apples iTunes application, which runs on both PC and Macintosh computers. iTunes U utilizes podcasting, a download and play a mode of delivery, as distinguished from streaming media. iTunes U can also be accessed directly from iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices Other Services Streaming Media Unlike video and web conferencing streaming media is not interactive, information only flows one way. However it allows for both live and on demand viewing Live Streaming = MediaSite On Demand Streaming Devices:
Camtasia Relay

On Demand Formats:
Windows Media
Had over 280 unique live viewers and has had nearly 4000 on demand views to date Sustainability Sustainability is the capacity to endure. UF Classes - STA 2023 Serves over 2000 students every semester
Generating 165,000 hits in 2009
Content can be reused in future semesters How Green is it? Using technology to disperse information or bring people together uses their time more efficiently. This one is my favorite! Its not just local to UF, you can connect anywhere The University has approximately 200 endpoints:

67 Counties
19 Research Centers
70+ On Campus
Key West to Pensacola is over 800 miles. That's a lot of driving! Justice Clarence Thomas Event I have my content, now what do I do with it? VCS provides 31 channels of programming to nearly 50 buildings on campus Campus Cable TV Questions? Audio & Video Production VCS provides sound reinforcement and event recording for various groups like the Board of Trustees http://video.ufl.edu
(352) 392-2533 Efficiency!
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