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The Hot or Cold Foam Roller

No description

Mackenzie Connick

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of The Hot or Cold Foam Roller

The Hot or Cold Foam Roller
The Hot or Cold Foam Roller
Did Your Muscles Take a Hit? Roll With it!
My Mission
The mission of the Hot or Cold Foam Roller is to help dancers and athletes of all kinds. After a strenuous practice, it's a given that you will be sore. Well, my invention will help to relax your muscles any time you need.

Marketing Plan

My product will be sold locally in the Atlanta area in sporting goods stores and dance studios.

Market Research
Target Market
The Hot or Cold Foam Roller Customer.....
By: Mackenzie Connick
I'm able to create the perfect invention to meet all athletes needs because I am a dancer and I have tried multiple foam roller products, so I know what does and doesn't work.
The Hot or Cold Foam Roller is perfect for all types of athletes. It is a foam roller that you are able to heat or cool to the perfect temperature to relax your leg and feet muscles.
My experience with physical therapy also adds to my qualifications to create an outstanding product.
The price of my product will be $40 dollars. This is $5- $40 less than most of the competition.
I will be giving out a limited amount of free Hot or Cold Foam Rollers to dance studios and sports clubs for their customers to try out.
males and females
ages 12 and up
any ethnicity
middle class to upper class
sports players
GoFit Pro Foam Roller:

1) GoFit is a popular brand with loyal customers.
2) Many stores are familiar with this company and would be more willing to sell a better known product.

1) The Hot or Cold Foam Roller has unique features, such as the ability to be heated or cooled.
2) My product is more affordable than most competitors'.
RumbleRollers Deep Tissue Massage Roller:
1) RumbleRollers has a unique design, including high profile bumps.
2.) This product is well known by physical therapists, and is recommended to many patients.
1) This product is much more expensive than the Hot or Cold Foam Roller.
2) Not everyone needs such an intense roller, and my product will be safer for adolescents than the RumbleRoller.
Intellectual Properties
What is copyright?
What is a patent?
-Copyright is a legal right given to an originator.
-It gives a right to print, publish, perform, and record material.

-A patent is a government authority or license that insures a right or title for a certain amount of time. (The next slide will introduce two types of patents.)
Utility Patent
Types of Patents
Design Patent
Utility patents protect your rights for inventing a machine, composition of matter, article of manufacture, etc.
Design patents protect your rights for creating a new (ornamental) design to an article of manufacture.
What does my product need?
The Hot or Cold Foam Roller needs both a design and utility patent as well as copyright.
The design patent would give me rights to the unique design of my invention so that no one could remake it.

The utility patent would give me rights to the invention of the water compartment inside of the foam roller.
I need copyright to protect my logo, the name of my invention, and my slogan.
Market Research Cited
"GoFit Store." GoFit.net. Volusion, n.d. Web. 3 Mar 2014.
"RumbleRoller Products." RumbleRoller.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Mar 2014.
Income Statement
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