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Cloud Atlas

No description

Marlena Louise

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Cloud Atlas

Adam Ewing
American lawyer from San Francisco
shipping to Chatham Islands, writes journey
becomes friend with slave Autua
joins abolition movement
Robert Frobisher
bisexual English composer
writes letters to his lover Rufus Sixsmith
composes "The Cloud Atlas Sextet" for Vyvyan Ayrs
reads Adam Ewing's journal
Luisa Rey
journalist in San Francisco
meets Rufus Sixsmith who tells her about a conspiracy
Sixmith gets killed, she reads letters from Frobisher
writes Topstory about the conspiracy
Timothy Cavendish
senescent publisher
reads manuscript based on Luisa Rey's story
his brother tricks him into a nursing home
escapes and writes screenplay of his story

Sonmi ~451
genetically-engineered fabricant in Neo-Seoul (Korea)
slave worker at a fast food restaurant
has to keep the proprieties
otherwise a gets executed
only food is soap
hopes to get free
each year one slave worker is honored and gets free
exposed to ideas of rebellion and liberation
rescued by Commander Hae-Joo Chang ( member of a rebel movement -"Union")
Sonmi ~451
Hae-Joo exposes Sonmi to the larger world
introduces her to the leader of the rebel movement,
fabricants are not free -killed and "recycled" (food for other clones)
makes a public broadcast of her story and manifesto
lives in a primitive society called "The Valley"
most human population has died during "The Fall" (apocalypse)
worship the goddess Sonmi
without any technology, tribial elders and shamans
Zachry has hallucinations of "Old Georgie"
one day, Zachry, Adam (Zachry's brother-in-law) and Zachry's nephew are attacked by the Kona
Zachry hides and watches how they get killed

Meronym (member of the "Prescients") visits the village
Prescients use old technology
Meronym wants to send a message to Earth's off-world colonies
Zachry guides her
as they return to the village, Zachry's tribe has been slaughtered by the Kona
Cloud Atlas
Conclusion -relevance today-
Thank you for your attention !

oppression by government
against cloning
apocalypse caused by nuclear disaster -> warning
everything that is done has negative as well as positive consequences

premiere in 2012
based on novel "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell
directed by the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer
different characters played by the same actors, i.a. Tom Hanks and Halle Berry
Basic information
conspiracy = Verschwörung
manifesto = Grundsatzerklärung
expose = darlegen, bloßstellen
worship = verehren, shaman = Medizinmann
Lisa Marie Adam & Marlena Guhlke
senescent = alternd
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