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Mercury was named after the roman god mercury whos greek for

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Jonah Rippeth

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Mercury was named after the roman god mercury whos greek for

Mercury was named after the roman god Mercury who's greek form was Hermes. He is the god of merchants thieves and he is the messenger god. Mercury was Jupiter's youngest brother. Although he was a thief he was very trusting. Even his half-brother Ares [The god of War] could trust him.
Jupiter was the king of the gods . He is the supreme ruler of the heavens and of the gods . He married his sister Juno. His greek form was Zeus. Each of his kids had special powers.
Venus is the goddess of love and beauty.
Her greek form is Aphrodite. Nobody knows
what her hair color but we think she is a redhead. Venus is the only goddess named for a planet. However she is not the only goddess. Her symbol is a dove , myrtle, swan, rose, and a seashell.
Saturn most likely has the most
''god names'' of all. He is the Guardian
of Time, God of the sky ,Ruler of the Titan,
and the God of agriculture. His greek form is Cronus. It is unknown why he likes babies. He did eat them to prevent being overthrown.
Pluto is the god of death. His greek form is Hades. although he is the god of death he was supposedly a good ruler. He got the short end of the straw when him and his brothers were dividing the earth between themselves. Pluto fell in love to Persephone by Cupid's arrows. Pluto has a 3 headed dog named Cerberus.
Mars is the god of war. He was known to run home crying if he got hurt in battle. He was also known to participate in wars with the Romans. He was supposedly arrogant and known to not think about things before doing it. His greek form is Ares.
The Earth is not named after
any god or goddess. However
a lot of people believe that Mother
Nature is the god of nature and that
is Earth's god.

Uranus is the god of sky. He is married to
the Greek god Gaia. Uranus had 6 daughters:
Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, and
Neptune is most likely the most known god.
Neptune is the god of the sea as you can see.
He is also know as Poseidon. Neptune is the brother
of Jupiter and Pluto. The ancient Romans built a temple to represent Neptune. The Romans gave the temple gifts every day.
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