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Welcome to the DEdCPsy

Welcome for Year 1 trainees

Laurie Petch

on 5 September 2011

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Transcript of Welcome to the DEdCPsy

WELCOME! To the staff Kathryn
Tom Pat
Tony Assessment Consultation Direct Intervention Research Supervision and Adminstration Training and Organisational Development To Educational Psychology "educational, social, psychological, neuropsychological, language, and vocational assessment of infants, children, youth, and adults" the provision of school psychological services using indirect methods to deliver services to help promote development, to acquire and best utilise personal, school, family, and community resources, and to minimise difficulties promoting and strengthening the coordination, administration, planning, and evaluation of services within one unit or between two or more units responsible for serving infants, children, youth, or adults professional services provided by those ...who are able to assume responsibility and accountability for the provision of school psychological services research and theory form a primary basis for practice.... by actively engaging in research, evaluation, professional writing, and other scholarly activities "typically view behaviour as a result of interactions between persons and their environments" Introductions: Map Activity Take a minute or two to think of three clues that describe (but don't give away) an activity you do for fun and relaxation which you will continue with. 1. Think! 2. Tell 3. Let them guess 4. Explain 5. Respond Activity Instructions The others will try to deduce your hobby Then explain why it's important to you Any responses to or questions about someone else’s favourite place? Give your name and your three clues April Charlotte Claire Emma C. Emma L. Francine Katie Rachel Kimberley Richard Cathy
Jemma Jemila
Rubia To the DEdCPsy Ψ
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