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Romance in the Workplace 2

COM 240 Project

Scott Thomas

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Romance in the Workplace 2

ROMANCE IN THE WORKPLACE: WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? In a study by Pierce, Byrne and Aguinis, 75% of respondents have either observed or been involved romantically with a coworker. That's a big deal! Employees who are unaware of how to manage a relationship with a coworker could mean big problems for your organization. Our training will equip employees with the information and skills they need to effectively manage a romantic relationship with a coworker by adressing five key objectives, the most important of which is developing a clear understanding of what constitutes a workplace romance. If your relationship with your significant other is becoming a distraction at work, what would be the appropriate corrective action to take?

A) Ignore the problem
B) Talk to your partner out of the office and to agree to distance yourself while at work
C) Talk to your partner about it in the break room and start an argument
D) Agree to see each other only three times a day To get a better idea of what our training has to offer, let's check in with Jon and Kristy AFTER they've completed our training... Questions? Comments? Here's your chance. If two people have gone out on two dates, would that be considered a romantic relationship? What if two coworkers are involved in a purely physical relationship? Does this count as a romantic relationship? What if you are attracted to your supervisor?
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