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my amazing elementary years!!

No description

Katie Costello

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of my amazing elementary years!!

My Amazing Elementary Years!!
1st grade!
2nd grade!
3rd grade!
My amazing journey from Kindergarten to 5th grade!
I was in the United States homeschooling with my Mom and Dad. We traveled a lot. We went to Texas, my cousins house, and my Grandma´s house.

In 1st grade I had Miss Meacham for my teacher. It was an exciting year because it was my first year in Brazil. It was very different from homeschooling, but I adjusted and got used too what it was like. I had a lot of fun and met lots of new friends. I remember that Miss Meacham would dress up as Miss Marvelous Me.
In 2nd grade my teacher was Miss Tomaz. She was a very fun and enjoyable teacher. I enjoyed 2nd grade a lot. I met Karina and Amanda and became good friends of theirs. It was a very fun year.
In 3rd grade I had Miss DeBoer who was a very fun teacher also. She read us Pilgram´s Progress which I enjoyed. Anvita joined our class and we became good friends.
4th grade!
In 4th grade I had Mr. Buchannan he was a fun teacher that loved to play games. I enjoyed his classes and his games. But we didn't just play the whole time, so I learned a lot from him.
5th grade!
In 5th grade I had Ms. DeBoer again for the first semester, because Mrs. Stockment was taking care of her baby. Second semester, Mrs. Stockment was our teacher, with both of them I have learned a lot. In my elementary years I have grown and learned a lot. I have also had wonderful teachers.
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