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1950's Fun

No description

Amber Dowdy

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of 1950's Fun

Athlete ~ Mickey Mantle
Movie Star ~ John Wayne
Musical Artist ~ Elvis
Children played outside most of the time
What did things cost in the 1950's?
Elvis was known around the world for his Rock and Roll.
Celebrities from the 1950's
Let's Go Shopping!
Popular Snacks in the 1950's
*Hot Tamales
*Ruffles Chips (plain chips)
*Bottled Cokes
*Peanut M&Ms
*Coke Floats
**Fast food became popular in the 1950's. Most fast food restaraunts were drive ins, similar to our Sonic today.
Indoor Activities:
1. Marbles
2. Chess
3. Go Fish
4. Old Maid
5. Scrabble
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Fun Games
Eisenhower & Truman
Presidents in the 1950's
Dancing was very popular. Some popular dances were the hand jive, the stroll and the twist. The Twist began in 1958.
Let's Dance!!!
After Roosevelt died in office, Truman took over as president. Truman faced some of the most complex issues to ever face any world leader. He was responsible for dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. After Roosevelt, Eisenhower was the next President. He is best known for ending the Cold War and keeping America at peace. Fun facts about Eisenhower are he was the first president to ride in a helicopter and he was an avid artist.
1950's Fun
Gallon of milk $0.82
Dozen eggs $0.79
Newspaper $0.05
Gallon of gas $0.18
Pair of jeans $2.49
Car (Ford) $1,339.00
Average home $14,500
Average salary $3,500
Loaf of bread $0.12
To do the twist, you stand up...bend your knees,
and twist your hips from side to side. You can also
lift your leg and add your arms. Everyone stand
up and give it a try with our video!!!
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