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Greek Easter

IST Grade 3

Sophie Sakalis

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Greek Easter

The Anastasi or Resurrection takes place at midnight. Everyone attends church and the priest lights the holy flame. Then people take their candles home and make the sign of a cross with the black from the candle flame in the doorway of their homes before entering. Holy Week - Megali Evdomada' Throughout Holy Week churches hold services at least once a day. Traditionally people fast and no meat, oil or daily products are eaten until midnight on Easter Saturday, after the symbolic Ressurection. Easter all over the world Easter is celebrated by Christians in different ways all over the world. Food is important at Easter Vocabulary Holy Week
the week running up to Easter Sunday when religious services take place

the Crucifixion
the death of Christ on the cross

the Resurrection
the return of Jesus Christ to life after his death on the cross IST - Grade 3 Greek Orthodox Easter http://churchmusic.goarch.org/resources/christisrisen Easter in Greece - is the biggest holiday of the year and is even more important than Christmas, with week long celebrations and traditions.
The Greek Orthodox Church (orthos - correct; doxa - belief) plays a large role in the Greek Easter or 'Pascha' celebrations. Alithos Anesti - He is truly risen Holy Friday - the most sacred day of the week and is a day or mourning. The church bells ring the death knell all morning. At dusk the Epitafio is paraded through the village or streets. Greeks have an egg cracking tradition, known as tsougrisma. Eggs are cracked against one another's to see who ends up with the whole egg. Orthodox Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.
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