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Limited Government:

No description

Kennedy Whitley

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Limited Government:

According to the first amendment, you have the freedom of speech. No one, not even the government, can keep you quiet.
Limited Government:
Limited Government:
The power of Government to intervene in the exercise of Civil liberties is restricted by law, usually in a written Constitution
This picture is showing an example of fighting for rights of all people.
The government has no right to enter your house without a warrant!

These are the words and phrases citizens would be protesting about if the United States did not have a Limited Government.
The whole idea of limited government is the separation of powers. Each branch has it's rights. No branch has complete power over anyone.
Created By:

Kennedy Whitley
Kasondra Caldwell
DeAirrius Berryhill
Samid Rehan

This is used as a joke towards the Government; stating that the states can't do anything they want.
Limited government is one of the best accomplishments of humanity. It does exactly what it says. It limits the government's power. Limited government is expressed and shown throughout the entire Constitution. Many sections of The Constitution lists what the government can't do. Meaning, the government has "limited power". The Constitution is where we decide what powers the government should and should not have.
This means men are
slaves of the government unless it is limited.
This is saying that
government that has all the power over us can do what they want with us.
If a government has complete power it will only be bad because you have less control.
In this picture the yellow tape explains a "stoppage" on government in other words limiting it.
This picture explains that limiting government is better because it governs less.
This picture explains it all. Limiting government does not limit the people's powers, but the government's.

The Framers of the Constitution constitution considered limited government to be important principle to the new nation because they felt that government shouldn't have full control. They felt limiting their powers would give Americans citizens their freedom but they must still follow laws to keep things in order. The laws up hold this principle because they set the limited governments requirements, limits the governments power, and promise us our freedom. The political leaders uphold the principle by following the laws and enforcing them on to the citizens. Then the citizens follow the laws and the political leaders, while still having their freedom. This principle is important because if government controlled too much it would be taking away our freedom and may also cause disaster, so we must limit it. As a citizen, I can support this principle by following the laws that they enforce on us because those laws limits the government's power as well.
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