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Tanner, C3, Zapata

Tanner, C3 , Zapata

Agassi Student

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Tanner, C3, Zapata

Work Experience
Status Update
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They made a biography book about Emiliano Zapata and explains what he been through and how him and his family struggle to achieve there goals they need to do.
Zapata is a Mexican Revolutionary he is a Military Leader in the South of Anencuilco Mexico. After serving for six months Zapata was discharged to train an landowner horse in Mexico City. 1909 Zapata leadership skills was already well know.
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Rice is Zapata's favorite food. That is Zapata favorite food. This is one of the most famous quotes Zapata made.
Lives In
Born on August, 8, 1879 Zapata lives in Anencuilco,Mexico with his brother Eufemio, Zapata, his mother , and father. Zapata is a Mexican Revolutionary . Zapata was orphaned by the of age 17.
They made an offer. Zapata accepted. They didn't tell us what the offer was.
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Emiliano Zapata
That was Zapata during the war.
My Project
This was Zapata most famous quotes before he died at age 40. Zapata brother Eufemio died age. 44 Zapata died first

Zapata was the man of the people. Zapata became a leading an struggled with his family with those peasant farmers. Zapata went to the Presentation High School.
and more information / Extra
More Status Update
Question Time
What is Zapata brother name?
What is Zapata date of birth?
What school did Zapata go to

What age did Zapata die at.
What age did Zapata brother die at.
Where did Zapata and his Family live.
True or False Zapata was orphaned at age 15
True or False Zapata was orphanage at age 17

Zapata closes friend was the President of Mexico Francisco.
Answer to questions
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