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SIOP Model Training pt.2

No description

Brenda Ortiz

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of SIOP Model Training pt.2

SIOP Model Training
Part 1

Samples of Structured Discussion
SIOP Model
Practice and Application
Comprehensible Input
What is the meaning of comprehensible input?
We have broadened the definition to include a variety of other things. Can you name 3 examples of comprehensible input?
Building Background
There are 3 features in Building Background. Can you name the three?
What are the two types of strategies?

What are two strategies within Learning Strategies?
1st Feature
: Teachers __________________ and _____________________background knowledge.
___________ with anything you can __________ with.

2nd Feature
: Make __________________ links to _______________ learning.
Help students make _______________________________ by : (give 2 examples shown on video) __________________________________________________
or ______________________________________ from a previous lesson

3rd Feature
: Focus attention to ___________ _________________ (Journeys calls it Frontloading) and to the ______________________ language of the lesson.

Teach vocabulary ________________, not just once but __________________ times.

What is the meaning? ___________________________________________________
Originally we would __________ _____________ speech, _________________ carefully, make yourself as ________________ as you can.

We have broadened the definition to include a variety of other things such as:
using __________________________, ____________________,and___________________.

using internet, textbooks.
Using ___________________ ______________________ to help structure complex information. Include ________ topics in the graphic organizers.
Using _________________ guides.
Paraphrasing ________________________ - presenting information in more than one way gives students ____________________ to hear it more than one way.
Sample activity: one student ________________ and the other student __________________________.
Use technology : SAFARI MONTAGE


Lesson Preparation
We begin planning our lessons by ________________ our students.

We are ____________________ constantly throughout the lesson to ____________ for ___________________.

If they are not understanding, we move back to ___________________ and ________________________________.
This is an ongoing cycle of assesment, _________________, ___________________ and ______________.
The ultimate goal is to determine if students have met _______________ and ____________________ objectives.
Comprehensible Input
What are the 2 types of strategies:
___________ strategies and ___________ strategies.

I_________________ strategies are techniques, _______________, approaches and _______________ that teachers do in the classroom. Give 2 examples shared in video:____________________ and __________________________________
L__________________ strategies are kinds of strategic thinking. They are ________________ strategies and meta-___________________ strategies.
C_________________ strategies include:
ability to _______________ important info.
ability to fill out __________ __________ to structure information.
ability to go back and _____-___________
ability to "hone" in on _________ vocab.
Meta - _____________ strategies include:
making good ____________________
see a difference in predicting ______________ and _____________ text
know when self _______________ will help with understanding challenging text
ability to ____________ and monitor comprehension
using _____________________ to help you picture something as you read.

One way to include interactions is to provide a variety of activities that require __________________ __________________.
Research shows that Teacher Talk occupies ____________ to _______________ % of all interaction in classrooms.

____________ to __________________% is shared among students.
We must provide a __________________ __________________ of time for students to interact with teacher and themselves.
Teachers must ____________________ _____________________ lessons to include ___________________________ throughtout the day.

One way to include interactions is to provide a ____________________ of ____________________________ that require cooperative learning.

For example: ___________________________ discussions and not just putting students in groups.
Require them to complete a _____________________ together to talk and work and share.
Allow students to practice and apply the concept learned. List the ways students in the video practiced and applied the lesson on multiple meanings.
Lesson Delivery
promote student engagement
pace lesson appropriately
Students are engaged 90% to 100% of the time.
content and language objectives are clearly supported
Review and Assesment
Authentic assesments include :

Assesments look at student _______________ and ___________________ throughtout the year.
Learning Goal vs. Language Objective
Which is the LG and which is the LO?
SWBAT analyze traits of two characters in a story. _________________
SWBAT explain the similarities and differences of the characters. _________________
Venn Diagram
character 1
character 2
Instructional Strategies
CPS and Keegan strategies (shoulder partners, face partners and number partners)

Completing a task together to talk, work, share and make connections.
Table for 22: A real world Geometry Project
Samples of TPR activity - Total Physical Response

Exit Slip
Create a Bubble Map using the 8 components of the SIOP Model.
Use key words to describe each component.
You may use your notes :)
Answer the following questions:
1. What do you understand?
2. What strategies did you use to understand?
3. How do you feel?
What is SIOP training?
Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
Although the word “sheltered” is part of its name. SIOP is not solely for sheltered classrooms, nor are ELL the only students to benefit from this process. SIOP is a research-based and validated instructional model that has proven effective in addressing the linguistic and academic needs of English Language Learners throughout the United States. 
This method of teaching
with Marzano’s Art and Science of Teaching
and is included in our District’s Strategic Plan.
The model is composed of best practices that are effective for all students
Using instructional strategies connected to each of SIOP’s components, teachers are able to design and deliver lessons that meet the academic and linguistic needs of English learners.

What is the difference between
Content Objectives (Learning Goal)
Language Objectives
Learning Goal is the
and the
Language Objective is the HOW
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