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In Strawberry Fields - Info

No description

Priya Khosla

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of In Strawberry Fields - Info

In this piece, Eric Schlosser discusses the hardships of working in strawberry fields in California and he talks about the living conditions as well as the wages of the migrant workers from Mexico that work on these strawberry fields.
This excerpt is apart of Eric Schlosser's novel, Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market.
The author intricately outlines a day in the life of a strawberry field worker, their living conditions, and history.
Most strawberry workers are paid under minimum-wage and many live in small quarters or are homeless.
The workers do not have guaranteed jobs, only day-to-day assignments.
Workers can vary from age fifteen to forty and can get paid by the hour or by quantity.

In Strawberry Fields - Info
In the Strawberry Fields by Eric Schlosser
"...the migrants seemed to tired to notice. They lay on their backs, on their sides, resting on the hard ground as though it were a sofa."
What rhetorical device is used in this sentence?
What does the author appeal to the most in his piece to convey his message and sound convincing: ethos, pathos, or logos?
What is the author's tone throughout the passage? State one example of where it is prevalent.
How does the language Schlosser uses in La Fruta del Diablo change as he transfers into Locked into Dependence?
The class will split into two teams and for each question and one player from each team must play rock paper scissors to decide who gets the question.
If the team answers the questions wrong, it can be stolen by the opposing team.
Whichever team gets the most points, wins!
The Language, Rhetorical Device, and Subject Game!
What is one rhetorical device other than a simile that helps the author get his point across? State what the device means, where it is in the story, and how it helps the author.
What is Schlosser's tone at the end of the story? Are his concluding words effective?
Question #3 - Open Ended
Question 6- Open ended
Question 4 - Open Ended
Question 5- Open Ended
Question 1
Question #2:
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