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Safeguarding Adults

No description

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Safeguarding Adults

Watch the following video.
Safeguarding Adults
It is the responsibility of the health and social care worker to safeguard all individuals that come into their care.

Do adults have the right to lead safe and secure lives, free from threat of harm or abuse?

However, this is not always so.

There are some adults who may find themselves amongst those most at risk of abuse and neglect.

It's on you...
Do you think you could recognise the signs and symptoms?

Gain an appreciation of the adults most at risk of abuse, the types and effects of abuse and how the rights, independence and well being of adults can be supported and protected.

It is crucial therefore, that health and social care workers develop the skills needed to not only recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse, but also know the factors which may lead to harmful or abusive situations.
Answer the questions
Further Information:
Safeguarding Adults:The role of the Health Services - www.gov.uk/publications
Social Care Institute for Excellence: Adult Safeguarding - http://www.scie.org.uk/adults/safeguarding/
What would you do if you were Frank?

What would you do if Frank was your relative?
Extension /Homework
Complete the wordsearch.

Thinking about what we have discussed today write a paragraph about Safeguarding Adults.

You must include all the words from the wordsearch.
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