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Clunie's Back to School Night 2015

Welcome to 5th grade!!

Sarah Speers

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of Clunie's Back to School Night 2015


Big Wave
Boy of the Painted Caves
Percy Jackson
Love that Dog
*Reading is essential to each child’s development and is greatly encouraged. The more your child is exposed to language, the easier it will be to incorporate new skills in reading and writing across the curriculum. Therefore, your child’s most important homework is to READ EVERY DAY for at least 30 minutes! This is a vital part of our 100 Book Challenge program.

Math Series
: Engage NY

Students will be provided with a variety of learning modes,
including hands-on, and visual, auditory, with plenty of opportunities for remediation and extension menus to engage and motivate all learners.
Interactive and Online!

Please be sure to leave a note for your child to find in the morning at his/her desk.
My Philosophy &
Classroom Management

Number Sense, Problem Solving, Place Value, Multiplication, division, fractions, Geometry & Measurement
Reading Comprehension
Read, Read, Read!
*Students who are doing this should be completing a book apx. every week and a half...


Geography/map skills
Ancient civilizations
Scientific Method & Engineering
Physical Science:
Properties of matter & motion
Electricity & Magnetism
Space Systems
Design parachutes & hover craft
Water & Atmosphere
Natural Resources
Life Science:
Energy in Organisms
design plant-boxes

Rubric Grading:
PEP Conferences: Parent/Teacher/Student

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any matter
that will better
help me meet your child’s needs

Try asking your student first. This helps establish expectation that
they are responsible

Check my
newsletter & Seesaw

The best way to contact me is
email at
, face to face communication is even better
(before or after school, privately please

If you’re not sure about something, ask me. And if you have concerns
please let me know sooner than later –I want to know—Really!

Technology is imperative to our students' academic success. In the upper grades, we use a wide array of technology to aid students' academic achievement. As you know, our nation's formal assessments has become totally computerized. It is very important that our students are well-versed in the use of technology.

Each student has their own google login and passwords. Before students can "go online" we will be learning about internet safety, evaluating sources, and social media etiquette.

Fifth Grade Curriculum
Writing will be used in all content areas including math, reading, science and social studies. We will focus on narrative, argumentative, and informational writing and continue to develop sentence structure & grammar

STARS is a system that has replaced regular homework packets ... That does not mean no homework!

Study Skills
Time Management

homework communication sheet

SMART goals
It should stay in their
“home” folder
We are working towards independence and personal responsibility. Before you sign their sheet, please be sure they are truly
reading 30 minutes
, and also check their work for correctness and quality


About Me:
I grew up in Chico and attended CSUC
In my 10th year of teaching
Upper grades are my favorite!
I have 3 boys

Reading Level
Flexible Grouping
Student Choice
Literature Studies:
Lit. Circles:
Independent Reading:
Nightly (30 min. Minimum)
In class @ DEAR
Just right books
Book Reports
Common Core
A Shift From
for correct answer & Knowledge

Understanding Strategies & Reasons
for Correct Answer & Strategy
Class Science Fair in May!
Learning through Simulations
If you would like to send a treat, please plan for 26 and send it in the morning
(something simple to pass out please:)
*If your child has special dietary needs please see BD poster for dates
Instruction begins promptly at 8:30!

Disruption of instructional time compromises the efforts of the entire class:(

For short absences the student is expected to check with me upon return to school to discuss make-up work

Please try not to miss any more school than is absolutely necessary. Worksheets cannot replace instruction. However, please do not send your child to school sick

We want healthy students who are ready to learn, and who share pencils and ideas… not germs!
Parent Volunteers
Last Week
Sign up

We are going to have an awesome year!!

More to come....your ideas?
Thank you for making these possible!

So far...
($73 per 5th grader) ($75 per 4th grader)

We are asking for donations (see flyer)
Lets Make it Happen
Everyone is valued, and
high expectations
are norm with the goal of “
daily success for all!

Class rule “
Be Considerate

Learning can only take place in an
environment of mutual respect
Our class rule teaches students to think about how their choices and actions affect others

Warning—An opportunity to self-correct (we all make mistakes)
Behavior Plan & Meeting w/parents

Individual Recognition verbally, and/or Bird Bucks (our $$$ system)
Table points for effective choices within the small-group
Class Stars earn whole-class rewards such as ice-cream or game-days
Good old-fashion verbal praise, and lots of smiles!!!

Consequences for Poor Choices...
Rewards for Good Choices...
...Thank you for Volunteering!
turn off your cell phones
(even texting is very distracting)

*Minimize side conversations (students need to focus)

*Please encourage students to
do as much of their work as possible independently
. (Many of our kids have gotten very good at getting others to do their work for them! Challenges make us stronger:)

*Remember to give lots of
positive, specific praise
. Also, the best way to discourage inappropriate behavior is to
compliment appropriate behavior. Correct carefully!

Have fun!
! Be enthusiastic and enjoy the children. Positive energy is contagious. Children know when you want to be there, and when you don’t…So please stay home when you are ill.
We want happy, healthy volunteers and kids

*Helping Hands!! Please Donate:) *Classroom Parent Needed!
"Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor!"
"Learning is hard! Knowing is easy!"
They are not too big to be read to!
Ms. Speers'
4th & 5th grade Class
Welcome to room 1 !

Field Trips
Positive reinforcement (catching them being good)
Extrinsic motivation, "Virtue is a result of habit"-Aristotle
I work hard to create a safe, calm learning environment
Cooperative Learning...taught explicitly! (social skills/manners)
Love-and-Logic (mutual respect)
Classroom Economy
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