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Social Media is More than Friends and Followers

October 16, 2012

Polly White

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Media is More than Friends and Followers

Social Media
is more than
Friends & Followers Why should a prospective
customer buy your product
or service rather than a
competitors? Low Cost
Differentiation Is there a segment of the market
that would value what differentiates
your product or service?

Is that segment large enough to
support your business? How do I reach my
market segment with
my message? Twitter Late March 2012 three things happened: Want people to come to our website
Buy our products, hire us as speakers and consultants 101 Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Pinterest Visual medium where
you "pin" pictures/links
of items onto boards Next Month - Chamber U

Keeping Your Business Safe from Employee Theft and Fraud
Tuesday, November 13th Bull and Bear Club Remember . . . How? Identify the rock stars of your industry, key magazines, bloggers, groups, etc.
Follow their followers
Some follow you back
After a time, unfollow those who don't
Repeat Results Currently more than 22,000 followers
Greater than 600 unique visitors weekly
Increased sales of books and products
Increased opportunities to speak and consult If your content is visual or could be made visual
you need to check out this platform Stats Pinterest is the fastest growing platform
Accounts for 30% of referrals to websites
Largly women (more than 80%)
Spend an average of one hour on site Complete your profile – get your name if possible
Build or update your company profile
Connect, Connect, Connect
Join Groups where you can add value to the conversation
Update and Participate Regularly

AND DO NOT SELL Five Tips Stats LinkedIn has more than doubled in size (OVER 170 Million Members) in the past year. What does that mean? Source business prospects
Get introductions
Extend word of mouth leads
Recruit talent or find a job
Most effective B2B social media tool BUILDING OUR NETWORK BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BRANDING In their own words… “Leverage your professional network to re-connect with past and present colleagues, find a job, source new hires or meet new people/ prospects.” 45% of LinkedIn's Members are considered the major decision makers for their companies.

Twitter and Facebook account for only 24-29% LinkedIn holds the record for the Highest Average Household income over all other social networking sites at more than $109,000 per member There are no distractions!
On LinkedIn, you'll find individuals with a business mindset, focused on networking for results! Stats Stats Stats Who am I tweeting to? Less than 50 visitors to the website
weekly Twitter Then we spotted an interesting article! Social Media is
Virtual Networking Answer the first two questions
Use social media to get your message to your market - if appropriate
Which platform?
Drive people to your website Don't be like a dog chasing a car You don't know what to do with it if you ever catch it! Advised to participate in social media We have Content A lot of Content! This can get you a big following - but now what? Tips Make sure your business is a match for the platform
Build following by following and repining movers/shakers in your industry
Pin useful content
Use pins to direct back to your website 93% of Adults in the US are on Facebook
425 million are using Facebook on Mobile
More than 1 billion users worldwide Social NOT selling
Tell a compelling story
Interact with Fans
Comment, Share Getting Started Establish a personal profile, and use it!
Establish a page
Understand the difference Tips Be consistent
Use calls to action
Engage others
Be FUN! Should I Advertise on Facebook? More impressions than Google
Start with a "conversation" strategy, not an "ad" strategy Should I Advertise on Facebook? 69% of social advertisers rate FB "excellent" or "good"
Paid ads and sponsored stories get into newsfeeds
Excellent targeting YouTube at a Glance 72 hours of video uploaded every minute
4 billion hours of video watched each month
500 years of YouTube video watched every day on Facebook
#2 search engin in the world (behind Google)
3rd most visited site - after Google and Facebook
8 million viewed the Red Bull Stratos event Why Use YouTube? Low cost and longevity
50x more likely to be clicked than text
Social sharing, viral nature Training & HR Company Profiles:
show your culture Tips on DIY YouTube Light it well
Frame video well
Use a microphone or stay close to the camera
Keep it brief
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