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Cool Native American Rhetoric

No description

Jarrad Fischer

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Cool Native American Rhetoric

Cool Media Conversation:
interactive media
"effect" rather than meaning
high participation
interrelation of knowledge
moment of newness Native American Rhetoric:
English is an Indian language
act of survivance
Indian English - literary
creative application/appropriation
examinations of 19th - early 20th centuries Indians writing in English

Contemporary Indian English is Cool "Samson Occom as Writing Instructor: The Search for an Intertribal Rhetoric"
Kimberly Roppolo

Rhetorical Borderland - "liminal zone where things are much murkier [than classical rhetorical space] because of the lack of homogeneity; because of a lack of shared beliefs, values, and assumptions; because of a lack of communal interests or goals; because of a lack of trust [...] however, this liminal area can be a zone of change, [...] a space within which the kind of positive and productive interaction between Native and non-Native scholars [...] can exist" (Roppolo 306).
Native American Rhetorical Characteristics:
Appeals to Ethos - common experience
multiple messages for different audiences
greater acceptance of paradox
defy genre boundaries
value communally made meanings
audience fills in the gaps
radical act of love for community
polite - suspend judgement
code switching
indirect discourse
implication instead of explication

Cool Media Characteristics :
How do these relate?

Regional Applications:

We need to incorporate Cool Contemporary Indian English in our composition/rhetoric courses, thus taking advantage of the rhetorical borderland, especially in Oklahoma.

By doing so, we "validate Native ways of constructing arguments in the academy, [...] and speak to [Native] communities in ways that are culturally acceptable and recognizable" (Roppolo 321).

90% of Native Americans speak and write in Indian English as their first language

30%-50% of university students in Oklahoma are Native American
Living in a Rhetorical Borderland: The Coolness of Contemporary Indian English
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