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Hayley Wickenheiser

No description

Kylie Kampman

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Hayley Wickenheiser

Hayley Wickenheiser
" To be an Olympic champion for the second time in a row is great. It's definitely harder to defend gold to win it"
" This is the Olympics, it matters"
- Hayley Wickenheiser
Hayley Wickenheiser
Impact on the World
Fascinating Facts
Hayley Wickenheiser has done alot of things in her short life. She was born on August 12, 1978. She is from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan. She has a younger sister named Jane, and a younger brother named Ross. Growing up Hayley played on the boys team. When she was 21 she signed a contract with a men's NHL team! She went to Simon Fraser University and the University of Calgary. She is currently in Medical School at the University of Calgary. Hayley Wickenheiser is now a professional hockey player, she went to five Olympic Games and one Summer Olympics. Her family helps her and supports her in all she does. She has a teenager adopted son named Noah.

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Hayley Wickenheiser
#22 Foward
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Hayley has accomplished so much and helped Canada
a lot, here is why. At the Olympics Hayley has


gold medals and one silver in women's hockey
. This
year she extend the gold medals to four in a breath
taking match against United States of America. Now Canada has won the gold medal in women's hockey four times in a row! When
she was only fifteen she got on the Canadian

Women's International team.
When she was a teenager she
went to the World Championship nine times!
In those nine times Hayley was dominating!
She brought home eight

But when the Winter Olympics was not going on she liked the Summer Olympics. In 2000 she tried out for the ladies softball team. Surprisingly she made it! She was excited to do another sport besides hockey.
This year at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics she was named flag bearer at the opening ceremony.
With all these accomplishments she has obviously
been called the best female hockey player ever!

Hayley has inspired many girls not just
in hockey, but also how she lives her life and how she is a proud Canadian. She sponsers and starts many charities. Here are the charities:

KidSport- This charity like many others helps kids play any sport they want to, even if hey don't have the money too. That's where the funding comes in. This charity gets money and then gives it to families for sports.

Right To Play- This charity helps kids know that they can do whatever they want to do. Hayley really wanted to spread the news so, she went to Africa. There she played with kids and she spread the good news.

Because I am a Girl- It helps women claim a brighter future for girls. In hockey and in other sports.
She also supports Clean Air
Champions and Spread the Net.
Rating: 10

Hayley has a fascinating life; in fact she has her own rink in Saskatchewan named after her. Lots of her family and friends like to give her interesting nicknames. Some are Wick and Chicken Weiser. Growing up Hayley loved hockey and enjoyed playing it.When she was growing up she played on the boys' team. In fact she was the first girl to sign a contract with a men's professional NHL team. But the biggest honor she got was being named the flag bearer at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. She was proudly leading Canada in at the opening ceremonies. After she was finished her arm was extremely tired.
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Wickenheiser Centre
Hayley Wickenheiser and goaltender Shannon Szabados 2014
Team Canada celebrating game winning goal vs United States of America in overtime at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games
- At the age of 13, Hayley scored the winning goal for Team Alberta at the Canada Olympic Games

- She was named MVP
- Became the youngest member of the Women's National team at age 15 - won the gold medal - Gold medal at the IIHF World Women's Hockey Championship
(scored winning goal)
1999 & 1998
-A part of the sliver-medal- winning Team Canada when Women's hockey was first introduced as a medal event at the 1998 Olympic Games in Nagano
- Attended the rookie camp in 1998 and 1999 with the Philadelphia Flyers
- Played on the Women's National Softball Team at the Olympics in Sydney, making her 1/4 Canadian Olympians to compete in both games (summer and winter)
-Found, "Wickenheiser on 1 Tournament"
- Visited 12 cities and played with over 3000 female hockey players to further develop skills
- Lead the Canadian Women's team to 5 more gold, and 3 silver at the IIHF Women's World Championships.

- Won many titles, including:
Tournament Allstar, MVP (twice) and Top Forward.
- Lead the women's Canadian team to an Olympic gold medal in Salt Lake City
-Was named MVP and was top scorer for team Canada

- Began playing in the Finnish Division 1 men's league
- Became first woman to score a goal in a men's professional league - this achievement earned her the 96th stop in the " Top 100 international hockey stories of the century"( by IIHF)
- Named, " Top 100 Most Influential People in Hockey" bvy Hockey News
- Made Maclean's Honour Roll - featured on cover of magazine
- "Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Canada" (by Globe and Mail)

- Played with the Salamat Metis, Division 1 men's league
- Scored 100th international career goal -first Canadian to reach that landmark
- Made the " Top 100 Most Influential People in Hockey" list - Hockey news
- Worked with EnCana Corp. to furter" Battle ofs the Border" ( 6 game series against US Selects) - has toured more than 26 countries, raised + $500, ooo for minor hockey leagues, and charites who support women, family, and children

- Gold medal win at the Torino
Olympics -named MVP and was
leading scorer for Team
- Sportscomplex in her hometown
was renamed "Wickenheiser Place"
for her athletic accomplishments
- Honored with the Bobbie Rosenfeld Award as Canadian Press Female Athlete of the year
- Traveled to Rwanda as a ambassador for Right To Play
- Played in a Division 3 men's league in Sweden
- Sports Illustrated named Hayley amongest the "Top 20 Toughest Athletes"
- During the Benijing Olympics, she worked as an analyst for Women's Softball on CBC
- First player to reach the milestone of 200 games played with a Women's National team
- Canada was once again made proud as Hayley led her team to a third consecutive gold medal win at the Winter Olympics
- Was appointed to the Order of Canada; she is recognized for her outstanding athletic achievements and for her impact and contribution to the growth of women's
- This year at the Sochi 2014 Olympics Hayley along with Team Canada won a fourth straight gold medal in overtime against the US
I chose those quotes because they are both about the Olympics and that's an important thing to her. Also because the first one is really to all athletes even if their not in the Olympics.
By: Kylie
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