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No description

cherri goodwater

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of ROBEAR

What Can Robear Do/What is it Used For?
It can help patients in hospitals and in homes by helping them get in and out of wheelchairs, beds, bathrooms, and just around their homes.
Where is it Used?
Used in hospitals, nursing homes, homes in Japan, etc.
What is its Work Envelope?
Its arms only go in front, and around the front.
What is its Degrees of Freedom?
It can move its shoulders, arm joints, and bend forward(has many degrees of freedom).
Is it multi-functional?
Robear robots are not multi-functional they are just used to assist people with getting up and moving around.
How is it Programed to Move?
Has a chip that tells it what and how to do something.
By: Cherri Goodwater & Amurie Walton
What Company Created this?
The Riken Institute
Head Developer: Hiroshi Matsumoto
Its sensors allow it to sense where people and the things around it are.
How Are The Sensors Used:
Allows people who need assistance in being moved around.
Could only move around in one room
Jobs it Created
Engineers, Product testers , and software designers.
Robear is programed not to drop any patients while holding or lifting them.
Robear is electric powered
How could Robear Improve?
It could go up and down stairs
It could move faster
It could help the patient with getting food and other things.
How much would it cost?
How is it better than the current model
It could do more than just pick people up.
human sensors through its eyes also weight sensors that tells it how heavy someone is.
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