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02.03 Medieval Europe and Japan: The Crusades

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Joshua McKee

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of 02.03 Medieval Europe and Japan: The Crusades

Pope Urban II:
02.03 Medieval Europe and Japan: The Crusades
By: Joshua McKee

William of Tyre:
Richard the Lionheart
Peter the Hermit:
In 1095, Pope Urban II, went to help defend the Byzantine Empire. He was able to do this because off the approval of Emperor Alexius. The Pope Urban II called for a military adventure to retake the Holy Land from the Turks. The Pope had a thought, he was eager to take power of the church.
In 1096, Peter the Hermit, is a French monk. Peter the Hermit, gave a sermon to an army of peasants and soldiers, it was very disorganized sermon. The army of peasants, soldiers, and Peter, dived eastward toward Constantinople. This was told to be the People's Crusade. This did not end at all well. They fought, and nearly all the crusaders were killed. They were killed by Turkish soldiers.
William of Tyre, wrote a bunch of stuff on the crusades. Some of the stuff he wrote were "The History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea" and "The History of Jerusalem." One of the things he reported was that King Baldwin IV is suffering from a high fever. The King, has leprosy. William of Tyre is one of the most important figures, for getting all this information from the crusades.
Saladin, is a Turkic ruler. The is a Turkic ruler in the mid-12 century. Saladin has successfully uniting the fragmented Muslim armies of Southwest Asia and North America. He also leads the Seljuks. In Saladin's mind, all the Christians armies were the infidels that has to be evicted immediately. Saladin force took Jerusalem, which erupted another crusade, the third crusade.
King Richard led a campaign against Jerusalem. King Richards foe, Saladin, struck up an interesting agreement. At any regards, he failed to take over the city. In 1192, Saladin and Richard, reached a truce. Saladin's Muslim Empire still remained in control of Jerusalem, but granted Christians the power to visit the city.
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