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Lord of the Flies

No description

Kaitlynn Simpson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies and Lost Concept Map Ralph Leadership qualities I believe that Ralph has leadership qualities because he organizes the boys into groups. Jack's choir become the hunters, and the rest help him build shelters so they can survive in the wilderness. Also the boys thought he was a better leader then Jack and they elected him leader. "He can't hurt you: but if you stand out of the way he'd hurt the next thing. And that's me."(p. 19 & 20) this reminds me of Jack from lost because immediately he takes action on the island trying to organize and save people showing true leadership qualities Rational I believe that Ralph is rational because he thinks through things before he actually puts them into action. on pages 117 and 118, Ralph is stating his thoughts about where to look for the "beast" and he is talking about his options of staying to hunt or going back to help Piggy out with the liluns. Also there is more food and shelter at their camp. He makes a rational decision that will be best for the group. "Listen, everyone. I've got it have time to think things out. I can't decide what to do straight off." (Golding 20) This is like Kate in lost. She makes rational decision that is best for the group, example when Sayid tells her that she must put the transmitter device into the tree. Civilized I believe that Ralph is a civilized person because he holds meetings so go over issues that the group is having, and he also helped build shelters so they could sleep safely covered. "I'll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he's speaking." (Golding 31) By setting rules having certain people doing different jobs he is making the island more civilized. This reminds me of Jack from lost. Jack is the one that helps everyone out, and he is a doctor so he is able to help them with their wounds and explain to people what that person needs. Good Communicator / listener I believe that Ralph is a good communicator/listener because he uses the conch so that one person is speaking at once so he can make sure that he hears everything the group wants so he can try and make it happen. “Another thing. We can’t have everyone talking at once." (Golding 31) This reminds me of Jack off of lost because he listens to everyone’s needs and tries his best to help them out. Example when Rose was having a difficult time dealing with the loss of her husband Jack stayed with her even though she didn't talk at first and then when she did he listened intently. Optimistic ---> I believe that Ralph is optimistic because he never gives up the idea of being rescued and always enforces the signal fire to be lit. “This is our island. It's a good island. Until the grownups come fetch us we'll have fun." (Golding 33)This reminds me of Shannon because she truly believes that they will get rescued. She refuses food and to do work because she thinks it useless because they will get saved.

Piggy Intelligent ---> I believe that Piggy is intelligent because he makes the group think of the big picture on the island. H comes up with the ideas, and then tells Ralph he puts them into action. When Ralph finds a "rock" Piggy tells him that it is a shell and it is called a "conch." Then Piggy taught Ralph how to use it showing his intelligence. "We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting. They'll come when they hear us-" (Golding 12) This reminds me of Sayid because from lost. He fixes the transmitter device and figures out where they can get a better signal. He is the brains of the group Awkward ---> I believe that Piggy is awkward because he is stubby, and always refers to his aunt. He cannot survive by himself because of his asthma and does not have the physical features to fend for himself. He is very easy to make fun of. “You’re talking too much,” said Jack Merridew. “Shut up, Fatty.” (Golding 17) This reminds me of Charlie from lost. He is always out on his own and never seems to be fully there. He is a very awkward character on lost Mature I believe that Piggy is mature because he represents the grown up. When the boys lit the fire, he made them aware of the dead wood that was going to be their fire wood and how it was going to catch on fire. Also he made the group aware of the fact how the boy with the mark on his face was missing and nobody else realized. “That little’un-” gasped Piggy- “him with the mark on his face, I don’t see him. Where is he now?” (Golding 46) This reminds me of Sun on lost. Even though her husband does not let her do anything she handles the matter very maturely and knows what she is doing.

Civilized I believe that Piggy is civilized because he strongly believes in the rules of the conch and he also does not believe in the “breast”. “I got the conch! Just you listen!” (Golding 45) This reminds me of Claire in Lost. When they realize the dead bodies in the plane are attracting animals she comes up with the idea of having memorials for the people that did not survive the terrible crash, making it a more civilized. Follower I believe that Piggy is a follower because he listens to everything that Ralph orders him to do and relies on him for his survival. People do not listen to what he says so he must follow Ralph to give him ideas. “Now go back, Piggy, and take names. That’s your job. So long.” (Golding 22) This reminds me of Hurley. Hurley is could not be a leader because no one would listen to him. He takes orders from Jack and helps out as much as possible. Work Cited
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