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Copy of Hyatt Capital Gate

No description

Naveen Singh

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hyatt Capital Gate

Capital Gate

Group 10
Presented By: Chad Jorgenson, Kyle Huerd,
Rick Poquette
Inside Capital Gate
Two main sections:
Office Space
Occupies floors 2-16
Proclaimed as the best business address
in Abu Dhabi, but comes with a price.
- 15,000 sqm
Prices for Leasing
- $680 per square meter
-At this rate, leasing an entire floor for one year would
cost an estimated $710,000
-Highest prices in all of Abu Dhabi
-Average price per square meter in Abu Dhabi is
around $435
- Higher price than leasing in Manhattan
Office Space
Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel
5 Star Hotel that occupies floors 18-35
- 20,050 sqm
- 189 Rooms
189 Rooms
98 King Rooms
22 Twin Rooms
47 Deluxe Rooms
13 Capital Suites
7 Executive Suites
1 Diplomatic Suite
1 Presidential Suite
- Each room has a different shape and orientation
- Amenities
Amenities include:
- Dining
- 24 hour room service and concierge
- Limo service and airport transfers
- Underground park and valet services
- Cable TV, Dual-line phone, and high speed internet
- In-room safe
- Minibar
Dining & Entertainment
Infinity Pool
- 100m above the ground
- Hangs off the side of the building
- One of the highest suspended pools
in the world
- Water alone weighs 150 tons
The Lounge
Dining &
- Serves premium teas, coffees, fresh
pastries and snacks
- Suspended 80 meters above the ground
with great views of the coastline
- Adjacent to 18°
- The hotel's signature
- Panoramic view of Abu
Dhabi's skyline and coast
- Serves speciality dishes from the eastern Mediterranean
This includes areas such as Greece,Turkey, Syria and Lebanon
Food Emporium
- The hotel's gourmet self-service restaurant serving breakfast,
lunch, and evening snacks
- Includes a deli, bakery, noodle bar, patisserie counter and juice bar
- Located on the ground floor
Meeting Rooms
- 4 state-of-the-art salons
are located on the mezzanine
- Adjacent to the Prive
The Prive
- Contemporary bar for meetings or casual gatherings
Al Habtoor Engineering Enterprises Co.
- Part of the Habtoor Leighton Group
- Based in the Middle East and North Africa
- Projects include:
Dubai Pearl
Burj Al Arab
Zayed University
Paris Sorbonne University
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates
The second largest city in the United Arab Emirates.
One of the world's largest producers of oil.
Actively trying to diversify its economy through investments in financial services and tourism
CNN and Fortune Magazine stated that Abu Dhabi is the richest city in the world in August of 2010.
Also the home of the National Exhibition Centre, which welcomes more than one million visitors every year.
Overview of the Capital Gate
Company owner and developer:
Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions

Cost: ??
Start of Project: September 2007
Completion of Project: December 2011
Total Area: 53,100 Sq. meters
35 Stories, Soaring 160m

In June 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records certified Capital Gate as the "World's Furthest leaning man-made tower" with a lean of 18 degrees westwards.
Total number of man hours worked as of Dec. 2010: 9.73 million
Predesign & Programming
Wanted to make the Capital Gate the focal point of Abu Dhabi.
Capital Gate also pays tribute to the legacy of His Highness Sheikh Zayed, who was the late President of the UAE.
Capital Gate's distinctive futuristic desing, aesthetic splendour and technical excellence make it a modern marvel and celebration of human achievement.
Predesign & Programming
Wanted to design a building that showed that Abu Dhabi is at the cutting edge of the Architecture World.
Found inspiration for the design of the building from the landscape of Abu Dhabi with its sand dunes and rolling waves.
The Sheik wanted to have the lower 16 floors for office space and the upper 19 floors for the exclusive 5 star Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel.
Project Delivery Method
Project was delivered with a design- build type of contract following the guidelines of FIDIC (International Federation of Independent Consulting Engineers) which relies on bills of quantities with rates that are re-measured as the building is constructed.
“If it had been a true design and build it would have bust the company,” - Site manager Craig Rooney
Al Habtoor Engineering Enterprises, which the contractor for the job, had to cope with the fast track program which is typical of the region, luckily they were not on a fixed-price deal.
Project was projected to take two years to complete, with build time starting in August of 2007, with the design being developed as work progressed.
International Federation of Independent Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)
Established in 1913 by a group of French and Swiss Engineers to create a uniform set of documentation for contractual agreements which are applicable for use in different types of construction projects, and also to simplify the bidding processes to become more ‘user friendly’
Most FIDIC contracts are between Contractor and Employer, the FIDIC forms of contracts are split up into groups sometimes called "books" which are split up by risk allocation between the employer and contractor.
The Architect
Robert Matthew Johnson Marshall

RMJM is an international architectural practice founded in Edinburg, Scotland by architects Robert Matthew and Stirrat Johnson-Marshall.
It is currently the seventh-largest architecture firm in the world with offices in Istanbul, Dubai, Glasgow, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, New York, Princeton, Shanghai, Singapore, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Washington D.C.
Some Projects that they have been involved with include:
Beijing Olympic Green Convention Center, Beijing, China
The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift located in Scotland, UK
Project Architect for the Capital Gate building was Tony Archibald who works for RMJM.
Varyap Meridian Grand Tower, Turkey
Victoria Quay located in Edinburgh, Scotland
Construction Timeline
November 2007- Pile driving starts
April 2008- Core wall construction starts
Late 2011- Completionompletion of construction
October 2009- Final height of 160m is reached
February 2010- Interior fit out commences
May 2009- Reaches 100m in height
June 2009- Incline starts to take shape
December 2009- Completion of exterior core structure
February 2009- Facade commences
January 2010- First phase of splash completed
April 2010- Commencment of atrium roof
June 2010- Earns world record for 'World's
furthest leaning manmade structure'
Engineering Firm: RMJM
2 Structural Engineer for the project
- Mona Vasigh
- Irfen Ahmed


The "lean"
-18 Degrees
-33m offset from base
-Over coming the moment force

490 Concrete Piles
-1/2 push the forces into the ground
-1/2 resist the moment force from lean
Up to 30m deep

Concrete Base Slab
- 6000 m^3 sand removed
- 2m thick (2x reinforced)

Regular structural cores would crack and crumble
Core would have to be "uniquely" built
Cost 2X the estimated cost
Took over a year to fully construct
Built using jump forming
2x rebar used
Poured at night

Stronger core than most skyscrapers
146 Steel tendons
20m long overlapping
15m^3 of sand
400 total trucks

Build it bent
-Opposite of the lean
-Weight of each floor would straighten the core
-Shift 350 mm (14 in.) by the time the building was complete

Capital Gate Leaning Tower of Pisa
- 160 m tall - 54.5 m tall
- 18 degree lean - 4 degree lean
- Curved Structural Core - Straight Core
Columns could not be used
Diagrid was drawn up to distribute the forces down the outside of the building
Cut costs by using less steel
Giant mesh of steel that wraps the core
Provided steel for:
-Petrones Towers
-Burj Khalif
-Burj Al Arab
Each section was prefabricated
Had to be installed with mm accuracy in order for the forces to be carried back into the building
Each Diagrid weighed up to 16 tons
Used Geometric Triangles
Pivot in 3 directions
By joining together, they can cover complex geometric surfaces
26,000 triangular panes
Since each section of glass is stacked, if 1 is bad, all glass above it has to be removed
Due to fast track construction, glass had to be able to move as the core was stretched into place
Accomadate shifting up to 20mm in each section of glass
Each Triangular Section
Connected with 2 layer spongie seal
Tested with water and plane engines
1st test failed water cycle

Instead of scrapping design
Secondary inspections showed a single drainage tube that was blocked with sand
21,500 tons of steel (Capital Gate)
50,000 tons of steel (CCTV Tower)
36,910 tons of steel (Petronas Towers)

Steel beams connect to a joint = 1 section
720 unique sections
84 m extended basement in the opposite direction of the lean
This section needed tension piles at the far end of the building to keep the section from ripping out of the ground
Abu Dhubi main sewer pipe went through the area
Since the pipe was pressurized, the water around it could not be dewatered
Shorten the basement by 6m
Reduce the enterance canopy
Delayed the project 6 months
A light well that bring light over halfway into the building
Opening from floor 19 to the top of the building
Starts out very small within the building and funnels out
Was a solution to the upper part of the building being lower in weight

Wind Test
Wind flowing over the top of the building began to spiral in towards the top of the building, which caused sever turbulance
Wind impacting the helipad created huge suction forces which acted like multiple big rig trucks trying to pull the helipad off the building
By lowering the helipad to just 2m above the roof dramatically reduced the wind shear threat as well as with stand the pulling force

Drainage tubes were inserted to allow water to flow out if moisture made it past rubber seal
ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company)
ADNEC is the owner and operator of the Capital Gate building and the National Exhibition Center.
Established in 2005 by His Highness Shiekh Zayed
ADNEC's initial task was to develop a venue that would replace the old Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Center and attract more meetings, incentives, conferences and events.
ADNEC's broader goal is to help enhance Abu Dhabi's image as a business, leisure, and lifestyle desicion.
ADNEC has recieved multiple awards throughout the Middle East since being established, including Best Commercial and Retail Development of the Year for Capital Gate
- Safety was a top priority to the contractor,
Al Habtoor Engineering
- 263,419 man hours were worked with no injuries
Problems During Construction
Basement re-design - 6 months
Core construction - 5 months longer than expected.
Diagrid construction - Occupied cranes for up to 4 hours installing each piece.
Heli-pad: Re-design took 6 months
- Originally planned to be done in November 2009
- Because of delays, it was completed in late 2011
These delays caused the budget to escelate 25%
- Meant to look like a wave splashing
over the exterior of the building
- Provides shade for the office buildings
- Connects Capital Gate to ADNEC
"The Wave"
- It is self supported
- Completes the exterior look
of the building
- Only two cranes could be used during construction
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