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Developmental Disabilities

No description

Nesha Shamsuddin

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Developmental Disabilities

Down syndrome
Developmental Disabilities
Definition: An umbrella term for intellectual diseases; mental or physical disabilities that impair a person’s functioning in language, learning, mobility, self-care, or other important areas of living.
Common Causes
Physical causes: premature birth, malnutrition
Social, environmental, educational causes: child abuse, lack of opportunity, poverty

Show that students with intellectual diseases are valued members of your class
Be familiar with the student's IEP
Team up with the student(s), parents, teachers, and administrators to plan curriculum
Provide extra time to complete tasks
Team up with speech therapist

Vaughn, S.R., Bos, C.S., & Schumm, J.S. (2018). Teaching students that are exceptional, diverse, and at risk in the general education classroom (7th ed.). Boston: Pearson.
Intellectual characteristics:
Slower rates of learning, difficulty with conceptual knowledge, memory deficits, difficulty generalizing knowledge and skills, challenges with language

Social/behavioral characteristics:
Trouble making friends, low motivation
Schalock, R. L., Borthwick-Duffy, S. A., Bradley, V. J., Buntinx, W. H., Coulter, D. L., Craig, E. M., ... & Shogren, K. A. (2010). Intellectual disability: Definition, classification, and systems of supports. American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. 444 North Capitol Street NW Suite 846, Washington, DC 20001.
Down syndrome
Most common chromosomal disorder
Occurs when there is an extra chromosome 21
Low muscle tone
Small stature
Slant eyes
Heart problems
Possible dementia
Problems in speech
Problems in hearing
Development and learning for people with Down syndromeS. (2017, December 19). Retrieved February 07, 2018, from https://www.down-syndrome.org/en-us/about-down-syndrome/development/
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