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Personal Safety

No description

Sean MacNab

on 24 September 2016

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Transcript of Personal Safety

Personal Safety
in San Francisco

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
STAY ALERT: First step you can take to provide personal, home & auto security.

HAVE A PLAN: Think ahead when it comes to your daily routine.

TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS: Listen to yourself.

Better safe then sorry

Pay attention to your surroundings

Most street crime’s are crimes of opportunity

Learn how to un-target yourself

Always have a plan

Be Alert! Have a Plan! Trust your Instincts!
Be Alert! Be Aware! Have a Plan!
Time & Distance:
how long will it take to do something and get away?

Criminals do NOT want to be seen

Attention from others can deter criminals

Human Activity:
Walk and park along well traveled streets

Tools in Crime Prevention
You should ALWAYS report crime!
Be a good witness
Know who to call:
Crime in Progress: 911
Non- Emergency: (415)553-0123
* 911 direct dial from cell phone: (415)553-8090
Know what to say
How to follow up

Reporting Crime and Suspicious Activity
Allison Burke
San Francisco SAFE

SF 311 App
Keep your eyes up and your phone down while riding MUNI!
Smartphone theft one of the city's biggest issues!

Stay aware: keep yourself from becoming a victim
being a good witness.

Always try to stay awake during your commute
Shopping safely
On public transportation: Keep new items hidden

If driving: do NOT make trips to your car to unload bags. If you must make trips, move your car so anyone watching thinks you're leaving!

Make sure you have what you need upon arrival-- do not open your trunk after parking.
Nightlife in SF
If you're meeting with someone new, tell a trusted friend who you are with & check in

Never leave drinks unattended & don't leave your phone on the bar.

Make sure your belongings are within YOUR reach.
Know where the closest Police station is to home and work

to learn your station captain & to subscribe to Captain's newsletter.

on Twitter

Attend Captain's monthly community meetings

Get involved!

Thank you!
Safety Awareness for Everyone
The San Francisco
Police Department's
non-profit partners
in crime prevention and
public safety awareness
since 1976.
Pedestrian Safety
Avoid distracted walking
Remember that crossing where/ when you're not supposed to is a $197 fine!
San Francisco
Homeless Outreach Team
Teams do outreach from 6:30am-9pm
Dispatch #: (415) 734-4233 or 311
Certain HOT staff have authorization to prescribe medications such as antibiotics and place individuals on involuntary psych hold if they cannot care for themselves.
Referrals to new Navigation Center
Bicycle Theft
It is estimated that one bike is stolen every THREE hours in SF
When bicycles are recovered by SFPD it is almost impossible to find
the owner.
SAFE created SAFEbikes.org where bicyclists can enter serial number,
photos, proof of purchase, etc.
Now when SFPD recovers a bicycle they run the serial number through our database to find its owner.
Since February of 2014 when the program started, we have almost 10,000 people registered and have a
recovery rate of about two bikes per week.
Register TODAY @ safebikes.org
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