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Flex Learning

No description

Jackson Hillier

on 17 September 2010

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Transcript of Flex Learning

DRUMS The Styles JAZZ ROCK WORLD METAL CLASSICAL BLUES What Different Styles Make Up Drumming? Drums:
The basics behind the beats Of all musical instruments, drums is one of the easiest to learn the basics. things such as basic beats, rudiments and basic phils. putting all of these together though, is tougher than it looks. The hand eye coordination required when playing is vital, as drums keep the beat and speed of a song, so whilst pulling off a 8 bar phil, you have to keep in mind that your speed is the bands speed. A little info A basic drum kit consists of 3 cymbals: a crash, a hi-hat, and a ride, 3 toms: high, low and floor, a snare drum and a bass drum. however, there is little limit to the arrangement of a kit. Former drummer for My Chemical Romance had a rotating kit, on 1 side was a basic kit with all things listed above, and on the other side is a more advanced kit. Now, the styles that are classified under the word 'Drums' Basically, what are the basic styles that a drummer should know? Rock. first thing you learn is a basic rock beat, and most songs these days are based around that same incoporation of hi hat, snare and bass. Rock beats can consist of many different combinations though, but should be based around a steady beat. ROCK Jazz is an interesting style of drumming. When it comes to jazz, drumming is, in most cases, least important. Jazz focusses on the woodwing aspect, so drums normally play a quiet role, normally consisting of ride, rim shots on snare, snare, brushes, and hi hats, and show rare tom phils to accompany the main attraction, e.g. Saxaphone or trumpet. JAZZ WORLD World music is shown through many different methods of drumming. Some examples of world music is African drumming. World music and drumming aren't very popular, but are mainly localised to a particular country, village, or culture. CLASSICAL Classical drumming is basically snare drumming. Snare drumming has been around since medivial times, and is still widely used today. it is commonly used in marching bands. METAL the 70's/80's were the metals domain. whilst it is still used quite frequently today, it was in the 70's and 80's that the style kicked off. metal drumming consists of heavy hi hat and cymbal usage, and emphasised bass frum with gut busting tom phils.
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