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Decolonization of Zambia

No description

Sven Paunović Babić

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Decolonization of Zambia

Iron Age kingdoms

Four kingdoms were established in this period -
Cecil Rhodes
Colonial Period

Originally ruled by the Khoisans
Bantu Migrants
Early History
Decolonization of the Republic of Zambia
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Reasons for independence movements
Post-Independence Challenges
"Political independence only serves as a key to the door of economic and social progress. We must open the door for all the people. The big question now is- How do we do this?"- Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.
Zambia in the post-Kaunda period
Northern and Southern Rhodesia,
Copper Belt
Roan Antelope 1928
Rank - C+
Population of 14.8 million
South of Africa
Capital City - Lusaka
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