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Online Configuration Program

OSU Capston Project with Kundel Industries

James Hughes

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Online Configuration Program

Quoting can now be done Anytime and Anywhere Online Configuration Program Who is Kundel Industries?
We are a manufacturer of Trench Safety Equipment and Overhead Workstation Cranes. Online Configuration Program Extreme Home Makeover
Trucks! TV
Jay Leno’s Garage
West Coast Customs People Who Believe in Kundel Ford
John Deere
Lockhead Martin
US Army Special Forces
BF Goodrich
United States Army
Crown Equipment
CranePro Services Where you can find a Kundel Crane? Great Lakes Truck
Trester Hoist
Anthony Lift Gates
Douglass Dynamics
Scott Lift Truck
US Steel Lorain Tubular
Affinia Brake Parts
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Fort Rucker
Tinker Air Force Base
Flow International Corporation
Parker Aerospace
Dresser, Inc.
Honda Transmission Mfg
United States Air Force
General Motors
AGCO Corporation
Tyson Foods Grove Manitowoc Cranes
Cessna Aircraft Co.
Square D Company
Owens Corning
US Gypsum
Dexter Axle
Childress Racing
BES Racing Engines
Procter & Gamble
Toyota Motor Mfg
3M Unitek
Harley Davidson Corp.
West Coast Customs
Polaris Industries Alcoa
Trucks TV!
Heil Environmental
Noveon Hilton Davis
TN Valley Authority
Lucent Technology
Chemineer Inc.
Affinia Brake Parts
GE Aviation
Boyd Coddington Major Catalog and E-comers
Summit Racing

Major Industrial Supply Stores

Large Network of Material Handling, and Crane Dealers throughout USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Several Industrial Sales Rep Internationally Dealer Network The Social Network Highway
YouTube Our Broad Goal Everyone is on the go, and our dealers are no different.

If you don’t have the answer now, it may be to late later.

With WIFI, and mobile hotspots everywhere this increases there possibility to have the answer now.

The goal is to empower our dears to have all the tools in their arsenal at the time of their visit.

By putting the power in the dealer's hands there is nothing limiting them from the Close. Adapting to Change As a Company who sets standards and features clearly higher than the competition, we also want the accessibility and capability to exceed that again of our competition.

In the Phases to come we want to see our quoting program and the arsenal of tools we have supplied our dealers to be at their finger tips on the latest and greatest App.

With the App on their mobile device they could easily quote there customer on site. Or with it installed on their tablet or pad device they could easily show a demonstration of the product or instantly have a Skype or Facetime directly with the Manufacturer (Kundel) Moving with the Future In the past we have been Quoting using an Excel program that leaves plenty of room for Human Error.
The dealer translates the info from the job-site via phone or email. Many of the times things are misconstrued, and if not understood mistakes are made.
Drawings are then created in AutoCAD, and get delayed with high volume of Quotes with drawing Requests that come in.
The request, both quotes and drawings are then sent out via email to the dealers, where they have to take the quote and modify it in their own template to present it to the customer.
Again this takes up Valuable Time, and leaves room for even More Human Errors. The Configurator Setting Ourselves apart from the Competition.
The Shortest and First Ever Steel Cast Trolley/Endtruck in the Industry.
30% more square foot coverage.
Double Industry Safety Factor on all Components.
A LIFETIME WARRANTY with All Cranes. SnapTrac – ½ Ton Capacity

K-Trac – 250 lbs to 3 Ton

T-Trac – Up To 10 Ton with motorization Kundel’s Workstation Cranes Current Activity The Dealer will be able to Login anywhere, imput a qualification and drawing details for their customer and never have to make a call or go back to the office.
In Minutes they will have the following at their finger tips:
Formal Quote for themselves
Their template with their applied markups
Qualification Drawings in both *.PDF and *.DWG
Generated 3D SolidWorks Drawing
Materials and Videos to support the dealer in the Buying Process. Configurator, Phase I Dealer Support This will eliminate a lot of the tasks from daily quotes to proposal drawings in the quoting process.
This will also eliminate other tasks in the production process in the same time it took to quote the dealer, that will in turn lead to faster production times.

Production Task like:
Labor Routers for the MRP Program
Production Drawings to manufacture each system Configurator, Phase I Internal Support Sample Configurator Boosting Your Resume A configurator of this capability is another powerful tool to include in your Resume. It's not just another simple App or tracking software, but rather it is a true challenge that will show the great skills that your group truly has. Working For Kundel We are a small family owned business who has been around for 25+ years. Unlike other companies in our area of business we are always evolving, and are driven to better our product daily. We pride ourselves in the fact that our product is far better than our competition. With that said, we desire to have an even better quoting program that puts us above the competition again. We offer a better product and are always looking for better tools for to offer our dealer network. This program will give them an even greater desire to sell Kundel products. http://www.configureone.com/
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