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Welcome to Write Steps

No description

Deanna Dusseau-Garno

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Write Steps

What will we learn??
Welcome to
Tell A Story
Respond to Text
To Entertain
Text Types
Turn to your shoulder partner and discuss...
What will we write?
How do we get started?
How do we
improve our
What will my writing look like?

What will writing time look like?
Response to Text
Revising is...
Editing is...
making your writing look better
making your writing sound better
What tools will we use?
So what's next?

Writing...yeah, let's celebrate it!
graphic organizers
privacy folders
revising & editing pens
Writer's Notebook
Word Wall
2nd grade fiction sample
4th grade adventure fiction sample
5th grade opinion writing sample
3rd grade fable sample
Time to take a sneak peek at some "secret ingredients" that will help ALL of us develop STRONG writing.
60 second quiz!!!!!
You have 60 seconds to jot down the "secret ingredients (also known as The 6 + 1 Traits of Quality Writing) that you know.
Let's see how you did!
Let's have some fun with these secret
6 Traits Ingredients!
Clap once if you like pizza.
Snap TWICE if you've ever made a pizza.
Stand up if you'd like to make a 6 Traits Pizza to help you remember the secret & quality ingredients ALL pieces of writing need to be STRONG.
Well, let's get started!
Easy Steps to Create Your Pizza
Crust then sauce
Now, add the cheese
Place the anchovies & pepperoni
Finish with the black olives
What text type are you most
excited about trying?
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