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Dangerous Knowledge of Frankenstein

No description

Michelle J

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Dangerous Knowledge of Frankenstein

Dangerous Knowledge of Frankenstein Acting Like God -Victor gets curious about creating new life from dead people

-He acts as a modern Prometheus (the Greek god that created humans)

-Victor attempts to access the key of life

-By trying to surpass human limits, he loses the people he loves
(the monster kills Justine, Henry, & William) Robert Walton & Dangerous Knowledge Knowing Too Much -Victor studies chemistry but later deeply studies alchemy, even though he is warned of the danger

(which results in the creation of the monster )

-In his attempt to gain knowledge, Victor leaves his family and lives in solitude

- His friends and family worry about Victor while he obsesses over the monster What is Dangerous Knowledge? Definition: knowledge which is beyond reach

It involves:
-trying to reach beyond human capabilities
-Knowledge that can be abused if left in the wrong hands -the monster swears revenge on Victor, haunting him

-the monster kills Victor's loved ones

-Victor dies while chasing the monster in the north How can knowledge be dangerous? Knowledge without understanding can lead to danger -- people use & abuse knowledge

(e.g. Victor uses his knowledge of alchemy to create new life) Many believe that knowledge is power, when in fact, even a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing QUIZ! 1) Which Greek god is Victor compared to? Prometheus 2) Who did the monster kill? Henry, Justine, & William 3) What did Victor study in college? Alchemy & Philosophy/Chemistry Consequences of Victor's Thirst for Knowledge 4) What was Robert Walton doing in the north?
(What was he looking for?) -Walton also tries to grasp unknown knowledge of the North Pole

-In his attempt to reach the North Pole, his ship ends up stuck in the ice and is forced to wait for the ice to thaw

-Victor's depressing story convinces Walton to leave his quest and return to safety Conclusion The quest for knowledge has been proven dangerous in the story of Frankenstein. Victor's creation results in killing his loved ones, and Walton finds himself stuck in the ice in his search for knowledge. Although Victor has to learn his lesson the hard way, Walton learns his lesson through Victor's story and abandons his journey to avoid further trouble. He was looking for knowledge of the unknown North Pole 5) What is one of the consequences of Victor's thirst for knowledge? -the monster swears revenge and haunts Victor
-the monster kills Victor's loved ones
-Victor dies while chasing the monster 6) What did Walton do after hearing Victor's story? He avoids further trouble and abandons his quest.
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