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South Africa

No description

Keaira Stephens

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of South Africa

tradition people
popular culture they poor in some places in south africa and rich in some places in south africa they speak launguaes of khuisan and the san people and khoikhoi people al live in the deaaert of hambia they use clcking sounds and another which also come from dutch keaira chris nebraska pysical geography south africa countries:angola, botswana,lesotho,malawi,mozambique,namibia,south africa,swaziland,zambia,zimbabwe location: to the north, the region shares borders with tanzania and the democratic republic of the congo landforms: plateaus, great rift valley, montains and rivers
mountain:drakenberges climate: subtropical, with high rainfall climate government the government is repbulic No i do not want to visit south africa because there poor and it is hot hot and they have a goverment but they are rebublic and I don't like some of there clothes some things that they wear are alot of things and during the summer it is really hot and some things are probly historan and the houses in south africa are the king of the animals and they berely have medical supplies visit by
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